How work wear communicates

Mention work wear and thoughts of overalls, protective clothing and uniforms spring to mind, but work wear can describe the type of uniform donned by many for the work-place – a chalk stripe city suit, high-heeled-shoes-and-power suit, or a boilersuit.

Work wear is a communication device, telling us many things about the wearer, his or her status and role. Judges and barristers rely on the pomp and formality of their work wear to enforce their detachment from the public in the court room, deliberately instilling a sense of inaccessibility, authority and even anxiety to unnerve and disarm whoever is unlucky enough to be facing them. In the same way, judges will often remove their wigs and dress down to put a child in court at ease. Doctors wear white coats to suggest cleanliness, control and authority.
Employers recognise the messages that uniforms can transmit; the old stereotypical and often absurd airhostess garb has gradually adapted to a more practical, easier to wear uniform. Air-hostesses today aim to project an image of calm authority; they need the passengers to trust them and feel confident that in the event of a crisis the crew will triumph and keep everyone safe. That’s not so easy if you are wearing a straw hat and jaunty neck scarf!

Ultimately, work wear identifies the type of work one does; it sets the wearer apart from the general public, telling others what he or she does and encouraging a sense of ‘Trust me – I’m a doctor/nurse/washing machine repairman…’

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