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A company logo displayed on a corporate uniform, such as overalls, a polo shirt or even a more traditional white shirt (so those doing soft jobs don’t feel left out!) can reinforce a company’s corporate identity. Increasingly polo shirts, in the company’s colours, provide the best canvas for a logo as they can be bright and visible, smart but not intimidating, casual but not scruffy. Like a uniform, they suggest a sense of equality but without the embarrassment and school-like quality of wearing a uniform. In a retail situation, a polo shirt with a company logo or image allows customers to quickly identify members of staff, raising the company profile and projecting a unified, efficient image. In a role behind the scenes such a corporate identity can help to make employees feel part of something, and provide a point of differentiation between work and home situations.

There are two ways of achieving a personalised company logo on a uniform or work wear – embroidery and/or screen-printing. Embroidery is effective in that it will not fade or be washed away; it stands out and provides the opportunity to add an individual’s name. Embroidery describes stitching, normally by machine, that details the name of the company, or individual, or even an image. Because it is stitched, it provides texture and gives a feeling of luxury and quality.

Silk-screen printing is flat and is ultimately less durable as the image or wording will fade after repeated washing, wear and tear. However, it has the advantage of allowing for a bigger company image, usually up to A4 size and is generally more cost effective on a larger print run. Silk-screen printing has the facility to produce more intricate and elaborate images.

A typical cost for standard personalised embroidery involves a set up cost (around £20) plus a cost per letter. Standard size letters are approximately £3.50 for 1-12 letters. Larger letters (30-70mm high) cost around 50p each and for letters of 80-100mm, £1.00 each.

For screen-printing the cost is based on the colours used, for example the first colour can be around £30 and the second less, around £20. The final cost is worked out on a unit price of the garment.

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Neil Botfield-MD 14 October, 2010

How do i order some oxford shirts,with Crown Plastic Mouldings LTD embroidered on the front?15" collar

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