Overalls, boilersuits and cover-ups

There is a huge variety of work wear to cover-up and protect clothing. Painters and decorators traditionally wear a uniform of white overalls or bib and braces – but nobody can really take them seriously until their work wear has been Jackson Pollock-ed!

Boilersuits remain a practical and multi-purpose choice due to their durability (most often a mix of cotton and polyester) and ability to provide total coverage and protection over clothes. Manufacturers can supply boilersuits in colours in keeping with a corporate identity, with a company emblem or logo. Again, the uniformity of design and colour can serves to reinforce unity and easy identification of staff over customers or visitors. There is a great boilersuit available from Workwear World called the “Dickies knee pad boilersuit” that comes in a cheeky red with removable knee pads. The same company also provides the “Dolly Gown” which is not for oversized Barbies but for hairdressers to protect clients’ clothes.

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Richy balls 8 August, 2009

These guys have a great range of dickies boilersuits


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