Alexandra: Modernising Healthcare Workwear

20 December 2019

Being able to cope under enormous pressure is just one of the qualities that define our workers within the healthcare industry. It stands to reason then that the clothes they wear reflect these resolves of efficiency and composure. Just as healthcare draws on the past to improve the present, the evolution of workwear is dependent on the rapidly changing conditions of the present. It's no accident then, that one of the largest modern manufacturers of quality workwear relies upon centuries of tailoring experience to get the job done.

Alexandra Workwear Modernising Healthcare
Alexandra Workwear Is Modernising Our Health Services

Alexandra: Bristol's Best 

Alexandra, originally founded in Victorian Bristol, are the Number 1 leading brand in professional healthcare workwear, outfitting the world's emergency workforce with affordable, quality garments. They supply over 45,000 businesses with their extensive range of workwear, stocking over 20,000 products and offering a consistently high availability on their most popular lines. But where did it all start?

From Humble Beginnings...

The company that became Alexandra was started by Alfred Isaac Davis in Redcliffe Street, Bristol in the 1850s. An often repeated family tale says that one of the ladies in the family asked if she could display her beautifully made hats in the window of Alfred's picture-framing shop, and it was this that kick-started the business. All we know for certain is that the hats sold well - so well that Alfred left the picture-framing trade to start his own drapery business.

...To Outfitting the Women's Work Force

Fast forward a hundred years to the 1950s, and Alexandra are outfitting the UK's first female workforce with quality overalls and protective clothing. Having existed throughout both World Wars and the inception of Britain's NHS, the tailors knew the need for affordable and effective workwear. By 1969, just after the Dagenham machinists had won equal pay to men, Alexandra had employed about 170 people in addition to their board of directors - over 150 of them were women.  

Ahead of the Times

Since its inception, Alexandra has led the way in the use of modern fabrics. In the 1990s, man-made fabrics were beginning to lose favour with the British public; in an effort to transform and modernise their uniforms, Alexandra launched a new range of high-end polyester/cotton garments, paying special attention to their healthcare range with both comfort and value in mind. 

Alexandra Today

Today, Alexandra carry on as their founders intended: manufacturing quality clothing with good design and providing reliable service. With the backing of Men's Warehouse, they have re-engineered the structure of their company to focus specifically on making quality healthcare uniforms. Where other manufacturers fall short, Alexandra's healthcare range is comprehensively selected, tested and manufactured by experts to ensure they meet the latest standards of compliance and performance.

Where Can I Buy Alexandra Workwear?

If you're persuaded by Alexandra, then you can buy plenty of Alexandra Healthcare products here at Click the links below to find the product for you.

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Modernise Your Healthcare Uniform With Alexandra Workwear

Alexandra is always working to innovate and grow their workwear. With nearly two hundred years of tailoring experience under their belt, an ethos like "Our Past Serves To Guide Our Future" appears to have served them well. To view more of our Alexandra range, check out our Alexandra Workwear category for the full collection.

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