Best Safety Trainers 2023

25 July 2023

Safety footwear isn't exactly known for being glamorous, making it difficult to find designs that workers actually enjoy wearing. In today's blog, we'll bring you the most stylish and sophisticated designs on the market – from ultra-lightweight, to waterproof, to anti-static safety trainers, we'll break down our top choices for stylish safety on site!

Check out our full run-down of the Best Safety Trainers 2024 to find something to suit you and your workforce!

What's Covered In This Guide?

In this blog, we'll cover the following areas:

Most Comfortable Safety Trainers

Our Favourite: Portwest FT25 Steelite Aire Trainers

Portwest FT25 Steelite Aire Trainers S1P (Black/Green)

Why We Love Them...

 Knitted upper is ultra breathable and comfortable
 Toe caps and pierce resistant midsole prevent injuries
 Back pull tab ensures rapid removal and application
 Stylish and sleek design doesn't look like a safety shoe!

Perfect For...

 Lighter industry work on site, manual labour
 Running around, with a slip resistant outsole
 Use wherever, with fuel and oil resistance 

Editor's Verdict: For a stylish safety trainer that doesn't look as protective as it is, try the Portwest FT25 Steelite Aire Trainers. Made using a thin, breathable mesh construction, these trainers protect toes with robust steel toecaps and a shock-absorbing midsole for high impact injury prevention. Featuring an S1P rating for prevention of static, fuel, oil and shock, these trainers are the most effortless form of safety footwear on the market. 

Best Lightweight Safety Trainers

Our Favourite: Portwest FW67 Nebraska Work Trainers

Portwest FW67 Nebraska Grey Low Cut Lightweight Work Trainers

Why We Love Them...

 Modern and stylish work trainers can be worn for leisure
 Extremely lightweight design is breathable and lightweight
 Tear resistant upper is ultra flexible for flexibility
 Leather toe bumpers add longevity for sturdiness 

Perfect For...

 Wear on any terrain, for being on feet all day
 Wear on high abrasion surfaces such as jagged rocks
 Daily wear not needing intensive protection

Editor's Verdict: Perfect for daily use in warehousing, logistics, and other less strenuous activities, the Portwest FW67 Nebraska Work Trainers keep feet comfortable with flexible materials and a classic trainer design. Ideal for more casual wear (without safety features like toecaps and midsoles), these trainers offer the most lightweight foot support for people in high activity level jobs.  

Best Steel Toe Cap Safety Trainers

Our Favourite: Portwest FW34 Steelite LUSUM Safety Trainers

Portwest FW34 Steelite Lusum Safety Trainers S1P HRO (Red)

Why We Love Them...

 Robust steel toe caps prevent a range of injuries
 Prevents slips, static and blunt force injuries
 Lightweight, removable footbed enhances comfort and fit
 Suede materials mold to the shape of the wearer's foot

Perfect For...

 Hot environments, with heat resistant outsole
 Long lasting footwear, with suede materials 
 Comfort and sturdiness with dual density outsoles

Editor's Verdict: Steel toe cap footwear is often incredibly heavy and uncomfortable, that was until the Portwest FW34 Steelite LUSUM Safety Trainers came along. Perfect for protection against impact, punctures and even heat exposure up to 300°C, these trainers prevent a wide range of injuries for use in a wide range of industries. Using lightweight but just as robust steel toecaps, these trainers offer the protection of the strongest work footwear with the stylishness and ease of wear of a work trainer. 

Best Waterproof Safety Trainers

Our Favourite: Ejendals JALAS 7178 Water Repellent Trainers

Ejendals JALAS 7178 Water Repellent Anti-Static Trainers

Why We Love Them...

 Fashionable, modern design is sleek and water repellent
 High top design protects even more of the foot and ankle
 Plasma composite midsoles prevent punctures by nails
 Lace free patented BOA design prevents trips and falls 

Perfect For...

 Use with electrical equipment (with anti-static clothes)
 Assembly, construction, maintenance, warehousing and more
 Use with heavy objects likely to fall (aluminium toe caps prevent injuries)

Editor's Verdict: High top work trainers are few and far between, particularly ones with such intensive water-repellency! The Ejendals JALAS 7178 Water Repellent Trainers prevent water and oil from damaging this shoe, making them ideal for riggers and just about anyone who works outdoors or in areas prone to wetness. With their unique dial-activated design for the perfect fit, these trainers also help to alleviate the pain often associated with lace up shoes, in turn avoiding trips and falls.  


Best Anti-Static Safety Trainers

Our Favourite: Portwest FW25 S1P Steelite Work Trainers

Portwest FW25 S1P Steelite Anti-Slip Safety Work Trainers

Why We Love Them...

 Anti-static work trainers prevent electrostatic discharge 
 Prevent slips, punctures and general impact injuries
 Padded collar prevents chafing, ideal for on the go wear
 Available in 11 sizes to fit the majority of workers

Perfect For...

 Eliminating static build-up in busy environments
 Prevention of punctures and nail injuries, ideal for on site
 People on their feet all day in fast-paced, active jobs

Editor's Verdict: Excess static charge can actually ignite fire and electrical shock in busy environments, making the Portwest FW25 Steelite Trainers essential for anyone with a fast-paced, active job. Whether you work in hospitality, construction or just about any career where you're on your feet, these trainers keep you comfortable, while keeping other people, safe. 

Best Stylish Safety Trainers

Our Favourite: Totectors Denton Mid Safety Work Trainers

Totectors Denton Mid Safety Work Trainers (Black)

Why We Love Them...

 Super trendy design completely disguises safety nature of trainers
 Aluminium toecaps and prevent punctures and impact injuries
 All black design goes with any outfit for wear on and off site
 Breathable lining and removeable PU insoles add comfort and hygiene

Perfect For...

 Everyday wear, ideal for commuting and meetings between work
 Heavy-duty, high-risk applications requiring intensive protection
 Discreet footwear that does not look like traditional safety footwear

Editor's Verdict: It's not often that you cannot tell the difference between the most popular sports shoes in the world and safety footwear! The Totectors Denton Mid Safety Work Trainers provide the strongest possible protection levels for applications in the majority of industries. Perfect for anyone needing to nip on and off-site, these trainers keep you and your toes safe and looking damn good while doing so!  

Best Safety Trainers for Women

Our Favourite: Portwest FW39 Steelite Women's Safety Trainers

Portwest FW39 Steelite Women's Safety Trainers S1P HRO (Black)

Why We Love Them...

 Protect against a range of hazards for broadest industry use
 Extremely comfy, with added padding and friction resistance
 Seat region is energy absorbing for absorption of shock impact
 Suede construction is premium quality for a fashionable design

Perfect For...

 Women needing protection from puncture and impact injuries
 Use indoors, outdoors, and on unpredictable terrain
 Discreet footwear that can be easily worn every day 

Editor's Verdict: Safety footwear, and safety clothing in general, isn't designed for women - making women's safety footwear difficult to find, expensive, or uncomfortable (since women are often forced to wear shoes made for men's feet). However, the Portwest FW39 Steelite Women's Safety Trainers are designed specifically around the female foot anatomy, protecting areas vulnerable to injury in more hazardous workplaces. With a trendy inner baby blue lining and pierce, slip, fuel and oil resistant design (that's also heat resistant to boot), these trainers offer the most diverse range of protective qualities for a design that doesn't discriminate! 

Best Safety Trainers for Men

Our Favourite: Portwest FT08 Compositelite Safety Trainers 

Portwest FT08 Compositelite Wire Lace Safety Trainer Knit S1P (Black/Grey)

Why We Love Them...

 Classic men's style of safety trainer for wear in most industries
 Designed for quick putting on and removal in fast-paced industries
 Knitted upper is lightweight and breathable, reducing sweat 
 Composite toe caps and pierce resistant midsole for lightweight protection

Perfect For...

 Food, pharmaceutical, catering and hospitality industries
 Fast paced environments needing static-resistance for safety
 Prevention of injuries by fuel, oil, punctures on site

Editor's Verdict: Many work trainers and shoes more generally can feel heavy, given their intense protective qualities and hardwearing materials. However, the Portwest FT08 Compositelite Safety Trainers utilise a mesh design for enhanced hygiene and comfort for better agility at work. Perfect for the lighter use, these are the ultimate trainers for wear in a range of jobs, from the food industry to pharmaceutical applications. 

Stylish, Safe and Supportive Trainers

Safety trainers are the best way to increase productivity at work - plus, they look and feel pretty great too. We have a huge range of Work Safety Trainers designed to put employer's minds at ease by abiding safety regulations, while keeping workers comfy and fashion-conscious. Check out our selection of safety footwear below for even more suggestions.

Work Safety Trainers

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