Snickers: Inventing Workwear

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Outdoor work in Scandinavia can require a special kind of resilience; a kind of resilience only possible when you have high quality, state-of-the-art workwear protection to call on. Hats, gloves, jackets, trousers and boots, all need to be able to meet the harsh elements that are common in this part of the world. It's no coincidence that many of the world's best workwear manufacturers started in Scandinavia, with the weather allowing inventors to test their new products in the hardest of test environments.

Snickers Workwear is Built for Cold Conditions
Snickers Workwear is Built for Cold Conditions

Snickers: Scandinavia Finest Workwear Brand

Snickers Workwear are one of Scandinavia's finest exports, with a wide range of PPE on their books that protect everything from your hands and fingers to your head and your toes. Where did Snickers come from, and where can I see Snickers Workwear for myself?

Workwear Made By Workers

The reason why Snickers is trusted by workers around the world is because the workwear that they produce is perfect for the job at hand. The reason why it is perfect for the job at hand, is because the workwear is designed and manufactured by workers themselves. Back in 1975, a young Swedish-Finnish craftsmen by the name of Matti Vilo was growing increasingly frustrated by the poor, lacklustre quality of his PPE.

After years of falling apart clothing, accidents due to poor design and plenty of money wasted, Vilo decided to take matters into his own hands and he started to develop workwear that was as innovative and forward-thinking as the tools that they where using. By creating workwear using modern standards, he turned a dated and complacent industry into an industry ripe with new ideas that had an emphasis on safety, style and comfort.

Snickers in 2019

Today, Snickers are a global company and long gone are the days of Matti Vilo developing his own tools for use in the harsh winters of his home town. Despite their dominance, Snickers abide by the same rules, creating workwear that pushes boundaries without being afraid to use new technology to continuously push boundaries. Their full collection is world class, guaranteed to keep you safe and improve your productivity at work.

Where Can I Buy Snickers Workwear?

If you're persuaded by Snickers, then you can buy plenty of Snickers products here at Click the links below to find the product for you.

Our Snickers Gloves Range

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Snickers Hoodies, Tops and Sweaters

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Stay Visible with Snickers Hi Vis

Snickers Hi Vis

Protect Your Knees During Maintenance

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Stay Warm, Comfortable and Stylish

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Snickers Vests

Our collection only includes the very vest from Snickers workwear, including their famous 4250 Tool Vest, and well known thermal waterproof gloves. Click any of the images above to see the Snickers range expanded.

Look After Your Safety with Snickers

The one thing that you can guarantee with Snickers is that you are investing your money well. Snickers was created by a group of people who where frustrated at the mainstream PPE manufacturers producing poor quality products, and their ethos of being everything but that is still a a major theme in the companies products today. To view more of our Snickers range, check out our Snickers Workwear category for the full collection.

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