Ejendals Jalas 8244 FX2 Winter ESD Insoles

  • Anti-static winter work shoe insoles
  • Polyester-based electroconductive thread for effective ESD protection
  • Aluminium foil helps retain heat within the shoe
  • Moisture-wicking merino wool top layer helps maintain comfort and hygiene
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Ejendals Jalas 8244 FX2 Winter ESD Insoles

Made to keep your feet warm and comfortable when working in cold weather, the Ejendals Jalas 8244 FX2 Winter ESD Insoles are made with light and comfortable EVA foam, with in-built aluminium foil that insulates your foot against the cold as well as helping to dissipate electro-static. The Jalas 8244 Winter ESD Insoles keep your feet warm and keep you safe in hazardous working environments. 

Featuring an ergonomic design to mould to the arch of your foot, as well as soft, moisture-wicking merino wool with natural antibacterial properties, the Ejendals 8244 FX2 Insoles keep your feet dry, comfy and clean, even when you're working up a sweat. 

Features and Benefits of the Ejendals Jalas 8244 Insoles

  • Anti-static insoles with aluminium foil to keep your feet warm through winter
  • EVA Foam for comfort, shock absorption and durability 
  • Electroconductive fibres threaded throughout the insole to dissipate electrical charges
  • Soft merino wool with moisture-wicking and antibacterial qualities
  • Ergonomic shape for greater comfort

EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) Foam

Eva foam, often referred to as foam rubber, is a material that's lightweight and great at absorbing shock. Which means that the Jalas 8244 Winter ESD Insoles allow you to work on your feet for long hours without getting achy.

EVA Foam is also tough, so you don't need to worry about these insoles breaking down over night. If you take care of them, the Jalas 8255 insoles will take care of you. 

Who Can Benefit from ESD (Electro-Static Dissipation) Insoles?

ESD insoles are useful for people working in environments where a spark could have serious consequences, either to equipment or personal safety. Sparks can result from the buildup of electro static in your clothes, so it can be worth taking precautions to prevent the chances of electrical dissipation.

Working environments where an electrical spark could be dangerous include:

  • Places where explosive or flammable material is present, such as sensitive chemicals, dust or oil.
  • When manufacturing of electronic equipment that can be damaged or broken by electrical discharges.
  • In the spraying of sensitive paints where electrical sparks can affect the finish.​

Jalas 8244 feature electro-conductive fibres threaded throughout the insole, so that should there be a static buildup in your clothes, the electrical charge should be safely dissipated, protecting you from potential hazards. 

Sizing of the Ejendals Jalas 8244 FX2 Winter Insoles

The Ejendals Jalas 8244 are supplied in EU shoe sizes. Please see the table below for an approximate conversion to UK sizes and then select the most appropriate size for you from the drop-down menu above.

EU Shoe Size UK Shoe Size
Size 35 Size 2.5
Size 36 Size 3.5
Size 37 Size 4
Size 38 Size 5
Size 39 Size 5.5
Size 40 Size 6.5
Size 41 Size 7
Size 42 Size 8
Size 43 Size 9
Size 44 Size 9.5
Size 45 Size 10.5
Size 46 Size 11
Size 47 Size 12
Size 48 Size 13
Size 49 Size 13.5
Size 50 Size 14.5

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