Ergodyne TREX 6300 Slip-On Ice and Snow Cleats

  • Pair of slip-on undersole grip cleats for winter application
  • Ideal for anyone having difficulty walking in snow/ice
  • Rubber tightly grips boots/shoes to ensure zero slippage
  • Eight carbon steel studs grip ice/snow underfoot
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Ergodyne TREX 6300 Slip-On Ice and Snow Cleats

Ergodyne TREX 6300 Slip-On Ice and Snow Cleats are a one-piece solution for underfoot traction issues in winter. When temperatures drop or it starts to snow, walking safely and confidently can become tricky. Ergodyne 6300 Cleats are slip-on undersoles that use eight heat-treated carbon steel studs to gain traction and stabilise your feet as you walk.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Slip-On Cleats

Which Size Is Right for Me?

These cleats are available in three different sizes. Ergodyne have bracketed their sizes corelate to to UK shoe sizes, making finding the right one for you simple. Please see below for more information:

Cleat Size UK Men's Shoe Size
Medium 4.5 - 7.5
Large 7.5 - 10.5
Extra Large 10.5 - 13.5
XX-Large 14.5 - 17.5

Key Properties and Features

  • Eight rugged heat-treated carbon steel studs grip the ice and snow to stabilise your tread
  • Slip-on design makes for seamless application and removal
  • Heel tab inclusion assists with donning and removal
  • One-piece rubber construction removes danger of parts breaking or seams splitting
  • Flexible rubber constitution ensures that the cleat grips your foot tightly to prevent slippage or the cleat falling off
  • Available in four different size that helpfully correspond to UK men's shoe size

How Easy Are 6310 Cleats to Apply?

Thanks to their slip-on design, 6300 Cleats easily to apply. They have no tensioner or cord and naturally hug the boot or shoe you are wearing.

Gently pull the heel tab backward and place your shoe or boot in the cleat. The six rubber tabs at the front, back and sides of the cleat will spring into action, clinging to your foot in a snug fashion.

Easily apply these cleats with a heel tab

How Do They Work?

Ergodyne 6300 Cleats use eight rugged, heat treated carbon steel studs located at the base of the cleat to grip and dig into underfoot ice and snow. These studs are evenly distributed at the front and back of the cleat to provide stability and balance.

This also helps to promote even weight distribution throughout the foot whilst walking, reducing the chance for developing discomfort and pain.

Treat carbon steel studs grip the ice and snow beneath to assist with walking

One-Piece Design Benefits

When a glue or binding material is used to connect two materials, it often wears away over time, causing the two pieces of material to fray and separate. A one-piece design such as the rubber one used in these cleats removes the danger of seams, stress points and other inherently weak areas splitting, becoming damaged or breaking. 

How Flexible Are 6300 Winter Weather Cleats?

Walking in the ice and snow is difficult at the best of times. Therefore, it's vital that a cleat be flexible. Ergodyne 6300 Cleats use a one-piece rubber body that moves and stretches as your feet naturally move and flex. Because they have no tensioner or cord, they are clench the boot naturally, removing any danger of breakage or snapping.

Flexible rubber makes for easy application

What Are 6300 Snow and Ice Cleats Made From?

The studs located at the base of the cleat are made from heat treated carbon. The connective body of the cleat is made from a flexible rubber compound that is highly durable in low temperatures.

Will They Last?

Ergodyne made the decision to manufacture 6300 Cleats using rubber because of its flexibility and tenacity when used in cold temperature environments. Their one-piece design means there are no separate parts that can come away or fall apart from one another. 6300 Cleats are simply built to last and are fit to be used winter after winter after winter.

6300 Cleats are successfully tested at -40

What Temperatures Can 6300 Cleats Be Used In?

These cleats have been successfully tested in temperatures as low as -40°C. The connective material is rubber which will not break or become rigid in cold temperatures.

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