Traega WL2 Twin Leg 1.8m Fall Arrest Lanyard

  • 1.8m twin leg polyester fall arrest lanyard  
  • Compatible with EN361 certified harnesses 
  • Shock absorber reduces force in case of fall 
  • Attached steel scaffold hooks and carabiner 


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In stock now

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Traega WL1 Twin Leg 1.8m Fall Arrest Lanyard

With built in steel scaffold hooks and a carabiner, the Traega WL1 Single Leg 1.8m Fall Arrest Lanyard is simply combined with a compatible safety harness to form a reliable fall arrest system. It also features a shock absorber to reduce the resulting force in the event of a fall. The twin leg design of this model maximises safety, as it allows the user to always be clipped into an anchoring point, even when transferring between positions. 

What's Included?

With your purchase you will receive:

Key Points of the Traega WL2 Twin Leg Lanyard 

  • Lanyard:
    • Part of fall arrest system 
    • Twin leg design increases safety while moving between anchors hugely 
    • Includes robust and easy to use steel SCAF1 scaffold hook and CAB1 carabiner 
    • Compatible with EN 361 harnesses 
    • Built-in shock-absorber to reduce force applied to user in event of fall
    • Bright red colour ideal for safe visibility 
  • Length of Both Legs: 1.8m
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Connector Opening:
    • Carabiner: 16mm
    • Scaffold Hook: 52mm
  • Thickness:
    • Polyester: 30mm
    • Shock absorber: 45mm
  • Certification:
    • EN 355
    • VG11 RFU SHEET 63
  • Suitable for: Fall arrest
  • Materials:
    • Polyester
    • Shock absorber
    • Steel

What Is the Traega Fall Arrest Elasticated Lanyard For?

The Traega Lanyard is designed to be used as part of a fall arrest system. When connected to a compatible EN 361 safety harness, this will allow you to safety work from height. In the event of a fall, the fall arrest system will be able to take your weight. 

Fall Arrest

A Fall Arrest system will not stop you from falling. It is instead a system that ensures a fall is carried out in a safe and controlled manner. This enables a worker to carry out their job, while a body harness is connected to a suitable shock absorbing system.

This will not prevent free fall. You will still fall, however be caught by a fall arrest block, rope, a lanyard and your harness. Training MUST be provided, and an escape plan MUST be in place before an accident takes place.

  • Scaffolding
  • Wind energy
  • Tower crane erection and maintenance
  • High bay pallet racking
  • Construction
  • Roof work

How Safe Is the Traega WL2 1.8m Fall Arrest Lanyard?

Traega are experts at making high-quality, safe and reliable PPE equipment. As such, the Lanyard is fully compliant to the following standards:

  • EN 355: Energy Absorbers
  • VG11 RFU SHEET 63

How Do I Use the Traega Elasticated Lanyard?

The lanyard includes detailed instructions that we recommend reading before use. Please see below for a quick guide to getting started:

  1. Someone qualified should undertake a pre-use check on all equipment and a rescue plan should be in place in case of emergency 
  2. First make sure you are wearing an EN361 certified safety harness
  3. Secure the connector of the lanyard to the harness according to harness instructions 
  4. Connect one of the scaffold hooks of the lanyard to an anchor point with a minimum resistance of 12kN

Twin Legs Make Your Job Easier and Safer!

The Twin Leg design of the WL2 enables the user to stay connected to an anchor point at all times when transferring between different anchor points. For example when installing scaffolding or climbing. The user therefore never has to spend any time unsecured. 

What is the WL2 Made of?

The WL2 Lanyard is built with safety, comfort and convenience in mind and is accordingly made of the following high-quality materials:

  • Polyester
  • Shock absorber
  • Steel

What is the Length and the Thickness of Double Leg Lanyard?

Both legs of the lanyard have a fixed 1.8m length. The polyester is 30mm thick and the shock absorber is 45mm thick

If you would prefer a lanyard with legs that stretch from 1.5 to 1.8m when necessary, in order to reduce the chance of tangling, check out the Traega EL2 1.8m Fall Arrest Elasticated Twin-Leg Lanyard.

How Big are the Openings for the Carabiner and the Scaffold Hook?

All three connectors have wide openings that should fit the appropriate equipment:

  • Carabiner: 16mm
  • Scaffold Hooks: 52mm

What Fall Arrest Harnesses is this Lanyard Compatible With?

The WL2 Lanyard is compatible with EN 361 certified harnesses. This includes all harnesses in the Traega Range

What is the Maximum Load Weight?

The WL2 is built sturdily and can carry a person with a max weight of 100kg

Certification of the Traega WL2 Fall Arrest Lanyard 

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