Uvex 9772043 Pheos Planet B-S-WR Short-Brim Safety Helmet
 Uvex 9772043 Pheos Planet B-S-WR Short-Brim Safety HelmetUvex 9772043 Pheos Planet B-S-WR Short-Brim Safety Helmet 

Uvex 9772043 Pheos Planet B-S-WR Short-Brim Safety Helmet

  • Short brim hard hat gives a greater upward field of vision
  • Sustainably built using recycled and bio-based materials
  • Designed for wearer comfort with a low centre of gravity
  • Ventilation system encourages airflow to cool your head


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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Uvex 9772043 Pheos Planet B-S-WR Short Brim Safety Helmet

Featuring a shorter brim for a greater overhead field of vision, the Uvex 9772043 Pheos Planet B-S-WR Short Brim Safety Helmet provides exceptional protection and, thanks to a low centre of gravity, it's comfortable too. Built with 30% bioplastic made from sugar cane and a headband made of 50% recycled helmet shells, this helmet is the sustainable choice so that you can take care of the planet as well as your safety.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Helmet

EN Compliance of the Uvex 9772043 Pheos Planet B-S-WR Short Brim Safety Helmet

The Uvex Pheos Safety Helmet is tested to EN standards to ensure the highest levels of performance. The standards to which this helmet complies are as follows:

  • EN 397 - Protection from Falling Objects
  • Additional protection for very low temperatures (-30°C) and molten metal splash

Will the Pheos Helmet Fit Me?

The Uvex 9772043 Safety Helmet is designed to fit anyone with a head circumference of between 52cm and 61cm (20.5 - 24"), making it an ideal choice for a wide range of users.

Key Features of the Uvex Pheos Faceguard

  • This helmet provides exceptional protection from objects falling from above, molten metal and cold temperatures to keep your head safe on site
  • Short brim version gives a greater upward field of vision for overhead work so that you can see without having to remove your helmet
  • Built sustainably from 30% bioplastic made from sugar cane, using less emissions in the manufacturing process without compromising the build quality
  • The headband is also made from 50% recycled helmet shells with reduced packaging and a user manual made from 100% recycled paper
  • Polyethylene head protection certified to EN 397 against falling objects, as well as very low temperatures and molten metals for your safety
  • Designed for wearer comfort with a centre of gravity that avoids neck tension making the helmet safer by encouraging the user to wear it for longer
  • Extra back of head coverage that lowers the centre of gravity to eliminate the wobbly head feeling of a higher-sitting hard hat for more stable protection
  • Easy to add additional attachments such as a visor or ear muffs with 30mm Euroslot adapters on the side, these will not affect the weight centring
  • Six-point suspension harness with comfort padding ensures that the helmet will not only fit will but also be comfortable and soft on your head
  • Wheel ratchet system means that the 360° sweatband can easily be adjusted while you're on the job without needing to take a break 
  • Climate management system with two vents that allow cooling air to flow in and hot air to escape out keeping your head cool as well as comfortable
  • Helmet Material: Polyethylene
  • Size Range: 52 - 61cm (20.5 - 24")
  • Weight: 400g (approx. 0.88lbs)

Encourages Good Posture

Uvex understand that a helmet becomes uncomfortable when the weight is distributed unevenly and the wearer will feel the tension building over time. To combat this, the centre of gravity for the B-S-WR Safety Helmet is lower with extra back of head coverage, not only does this eliminate the wobbly head feeling of a higher hard hat but it also makes the helmet more comfortable so that it can be worn for long periods without causing tension in the neck or pain for the wearer.

Low Extra Back Coverage on the Pheos Uvex Safety Helmet B-WR
Low extra-head coverage increases protection and comfort for the wearer

Environmentally Friendly Helmet

This helmet has been built using a more environmentally friendly production process, where raw sugar cane is converted into bioplastic which makes up 30% of the helmet shell without compromising the exceptional protection it provides. If you care about protecting the environment as much as your health then this helmet is the sensible choice, with a headband made from 50% recycled helmet shells, less packaging and a 100% recycled paper user manual.

Protection You Can Trust

The Uvex 9772043 Pheos Planet B-S-WR Safety Helmet is sustainably built from recycled materials, but that doesn't impact the effective protection it provides. Tested to meet EN standard 397, this helmet is certified to provide vertical shock absorption, penetration resistance and flame resistance while also accredited to handle very cold temperatures as low as -30°C and molten metal splash so that you can be sure your head will be safe with this quality hard hat.

Uvex Pheos Safety Helmet B-S-WR Being Used On Site

Regulate Your Head Temperature

Uvex continue to innovate with their climazone ventilation system, designed to move the way you do with front and back vents that allow air to enter and cool your head from the front while warm air is pushed out the rear. The vents are adjustable and can easily be opened or closed depending on whether you want to increase airflow or protect your head from the elements.

Cooling and Hot Air Flowing Through Uvex Pheos Safety Helmet B-WR
Cooling air flows in and hot air out with the Uvex climazone ventilation system

Areas of Application

Thanks to the quality protection and comfortable fit that the Uvex 9772043 Pheos Planet B-S-WR Safety Helmet is suitable for use in many industries, such as:

  • Brickwork
  • Bridge and tunnel construction
  • Concrete and construction work
  • Demolition and dismantling work
  • High street construction
  • Industry
  • Metalwork
  • Plasterwork
  • Sewage and pipeline construction
  • Stonemasonry

Comfortable Fit Ensured

As well as keeping you and the planet safe, the B-S-WR Safety Helmet is designed for comfortable wear with a six-point suspension harness that will distribute the pressure of any impact evenly. The 360° headband also has comfort padding and is adjustable to the tightness that works best for you.

Suspension from Inside the Pheos Safety Helmet B-WR

Short Brim Version

The 9772043 B-S-WR Safety Helmet has a short brim which is better in workplaces that require a lot of overhead work as the short brim provides a greater filed of upward vision. However, the long brim version is a safer alternative, providing extra protection for your forehead and face, to keep you totally protected from falling objects whatever angle they come from. We also have the longer brim version available here.


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