Yaktrax Walk Black Ice Grips for Shoes

  • The original Yaktrax ice grips for shoes
  • Ideal for walking in light snow conditions
  • Super lightweight design is easy to walk in
  • Features 1.2mm abrasion-resistant steel coils
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Yaktrax Walk Black Ice Grips for Shoes

Working in the snow is challenging at the best of times, and without the appropriate workwear it can be actively dangerous. Thankfully, the Yaktrax Walk Black Ice Grips for Shoes are made from criss-crossing rubber webs and steel coils to provide fantastic grip and slip-protection, helping to significantly reduce the risk of falls.

What's Included In My Purchase?

  • 2 x Yaktrax Walk Black Ice Grips for Shoes 

Which Size Is Right for Me?

The Yaktrax Walks are available in four different sizes. To find the perfect fit for your shoes measure the circumference of your shoe's footprints. Shoe sizing can also give you an indication as to which Yaktrax size will suit you best, but always take circumference into consideration first as the walking aids will fit on your shoes' exteriors.

Measure around the outside footprint of your shoe and match your results to the table below.

Shoe Sole Circumference

Size Circumference (cm) Circumference (inches)
Extra Small 48 - 58cm 19 - 23"
Small 58 - 64cm 23 - 25"
Medium 64 - 72cm 25 - 28"
Large 72 - 76cm 28 - 30"

Yaktrax Shoe Sizing for Men

Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Extra Small Size <2 - 4  Size 32.5 - 37
Small Size 4.5 - 8 Size 37.5 - 42
Medium Size 9 - 10.5 Size 43 - 45
Large Size 11 - 13 Size 46 - 48

Yaktrax Shoe Sizing for Women

Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Extra Small Size 2 - 4.5 34.5 - 37.5
Small Size 5 - 8.5 38 - 42.5
Medium Size 9 - 10.5 43 - 45
Large Size 11 - 13 46 - 48

Who Can Benefit from the Yaktrax Walk Grips?

 Yaktrax Walk Grips are fantastic aids for anyone working in snowy or icy conditions. Whether you work in a ski resort, are an environmental scientist or cold weather construction worker, these walk grips are a fantastic choice for you. 

Is It Easy to Walk with Yaktrax?

There'll be no risk of shoe spikes getting stuck in the ice with your Yaktrax Walks. Instead of spikes, they rely entirely on poly elastomer webbing and steel coils, which maximise friction with the floor for a more secure grip.

How Do I Put Yaktrax On?

You won't need more than a moment to put your Yaktrax on before setting off into the winter snow. With one leg over the other, simply place the first Yaktrax over the toe part of your shoe, and use the heel tab to stretch it over your heel. This is particularly useful for jobs where you frequently have to switch between inside and outside wear. 

Is There Anything I Should Check Before Using Yaktrax?

Before going anywhere with your Yaktrax, make doubly sure they are on correctly. Please check that:

  1. The word 'heel' or 'toe on your Yaktrax cannot be read on the heel or toe of your shoe (this means they are inside out).
  2. The coils are sitting flat against the sole of your shoe and are not sticking out past its edge.
  3. The outer band consistently grips the outer edge of your footprint, all the way around your shoe (this should not touch the sole).
  4. There is a circular knob visible on the webbing of your Yaktrax covering your sole.

Will Yaktrax Fit My Shoes?

The Yaktrax Walks are flexible enough to fit over all kinds of shoes, including anything from the sturdiest of work boots to trainers. To make sure they'll remain securely on your footwear, measure the sole circumference of the shoe in question before making your purchase, as described in the sizing section above.

Can I Walk On Pavement With the Yaktrax?

The Yaktrax should not be worn indoors or on surfaces that are not covered by snow or ice, including pavement, gravel or ground that has been salted and cleaned of snow. Instead, always try to remove them before stepping onto these types of terrain.

Do Yaktrax Eliminate the Risk of Slipping?

It's important to remember that while Yaktrax can make a big difference to the amount of grip your shoes provide in winter, they will not eliminate the risks of walking on icy or snowy surfaces, and you should also be careful when doing so. It's also vital that you put your Yaktrax on correctly to avoid injury and damage to the product.

How Heavy Are the Yaktrax Walks?

The Yaktrax Pros are very light, so you'll be able to take them off and carry them without trouble. Depending on your chosen size, each pair will weigh between 57 - 113g (2  - 4oz). 

What Are the Yaktrax Walks Made Of?

The Yaktrax are made from materials specially selected to provide durability while remaining lightweight. They consist of the following:

  • Coils: 1.2mm Steel (70% recycled material)
  • Webbing: Poly Elastomer Blend

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