Milwaukee Tools Carabiner Style Aluminium Tool Locking Lanyard

  • Tool-drop prevention double-locking lanyard
  • Comes in three different weight thresholds
  • Essential for builders and construction workers
  • Double locking carabiner further enhances safety
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Milwaukee Tools Carabiner Style Aluminium Tool Locking Lanyard

When you're working at height and you drop a tool, the best case scenario is that the tool shatters and costs you a few quid. The worst case scenario is you drop a weighted tool on a colleague's head or body, causing serious harm, injury or even death.

The Milwaukee Tools Carabiner Style Aluminium Tool Locking Lanyard is available in three different weight increments for use with different sized tools. The Milwaukee Tool Locking Lanyard has been developed to prevent drops by seamlessly attaching a shock-absorbing lanyard your tool of choice, meaning when a drop does inevitably happen, nobody gets hurt.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Tool Locking Lanyard

What Is a Tool Drop Event?

Tool drops account for an alarmingly high percentage of injuries and deaths on building and construction sites every year. A tool drop event occurs when someone drops a piece of equipment at height from a ladder, work platform or scaffolding set, naturally endangering those below them.

Why Does Tool Drop Prevention Matter?

Tool drop prevention matters because it's so easy. It takes two seconds and you don't have to worry about accidentally causing serious harm to your colleagues. Simply tethering the tools you're working with to a static station ultimately saves time, money and hassle. 

Which Weight Thresholds Are Available?

The Milwaukee Tools Carabiner Style Tether Lanyard is available with three different weight thresholds. The weight threshold refers to the maximum weight that this tool lanyard can safely hold.

  • Milwaukee Tools 4.5kg Carabiner Style Aluminium Tool Locking Lanyard
  • Milwaukee Tools 6.8kg Carabiner Style Aluminium Tool Locking Lanyard
  • Milwaukee Tools 15.8kg Carabiner Style Aluminium Tool Locking Lanyard

Colour Coded for Easy Identification

Each Milwaukee Tools Locking Lanyard is colour coded for ease of access when tethering tools of different weights.

  • Red - 4.5kg
  • Black - 6.8kg
  • Grey - 15.8kg

What Does a Milwaukee Tool Locking Lanyard Do?

When a correctly tethered tool is dropped, the Milwaukee Lanyard is the final line of defence between the tool and the ground. Thanks to its flexible, shock-absorbing foundation material and its integrated swivel mechanism, a Milwaukee Tool Locking Lanyard ensures that when the rope goes taut, the tool doesn't aggressively swing and throw your valuable property around.

Double Locking Carabiner

The carabiner used on the Milwaukee Tool Locking Lanyard is double-locking and fool-proof. Its tight and secure entrance point is incredibly durable.

Integrated Swivel Mechanism

The Milwaukee Tool Locking Lanyard also features an intuitive swivel mechanism that prevents the central cable from becoming tangled. The carabiner on the end is free to move 360° around the head of the lanyard.

Superior Shock Absorption

Other lesser tethering lanyard will bounce your equipment around in the event of a drop, causing extra damage and breakage even though it's been spared the full extent of a fall. The Milwaukee Carabiner Style Lanyard is different, thanks to a shock-absorbing and flexible foundation material that buckles and bears the weight of the fall, preventing your tool from being thrown around in the air in the event of a drop or fall. 

Seamless and Quick Attachment

To correctly and securely attach a tool to your lanyard, simply loosen the elasticated end and pace the strongest part of the tool through the loop. Tighten the elastic and fasten the carabiner end of the lanyard to a static tethering point. When you're finished using the attached tool, simply place it on the ground or carefully hang it from the stat tethering point.

Who Should Be Concerned About Tool Drops?

Anyone working who works with power tools and other heavy bits of equipment at height needs to be concerned about tools dropping. This includes:

  • Builders
  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • DIY
  • Fitters
  • Mechanics
  • Roofers
  • Scaffolders

Additional Safety Documentation

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