VAT Exemption

Certain products that are available on are available with 0% VAT when bought for personal use. In this guide, we will outline which products can be purchased with VAT and the stipulations that apply when making a purchase without VAT.

Which Products Can Be Bought without VAT?

Safety boots and helmets can be bought without VAT, however there are a few conditions that apply to this:

  • For footwear, only protective boots are available without VAT (i.e. all shoes and trainers must be purchased with the full 20% VAT)
  • The products MUST be PPE (personal protective equipment) – a smart boot that is being used as part of a uniform, for example, could not be bought without VAT
  • The products MUST be for industrial use, for example a pair of motorcycle boots are not available with zero VAT
  • For helmet accessories (for example, ear defenders), these are only zero-rated when they are an integral part of a qualifying industrial helmet
  • If you are buying on behalf of a company that is VAT registered, you can claim back VAT in the normal way with HMRC

For more information about the treatment of VAT affecting boots and helmets, click here to view HMRC's guidance

What Is Meant by a Safety Boot?

While safety shoes and safety boots may serve a similar purpose, for tax purposes they are not interchangeable. The difference between a safety shoe and a safety boot is that a boot will normally cover the ankle whereas a shoe will not.

How Do I Claim Back My VAT?

We have made claiming your VAT exemption as easy as possible:

  • Step One: Add the product(s) that you wish to purchase to your shopping basket
  • Step Two: Products that are suitable for VAT exemption should have a checkbox marked "Tick this box to claim VAT exemption" on the basket page
  • Step Three: Proceed through the checkout steps. Once you have added your delivery details, you will then be directed to a page asking you to confirm your VAT exemption
  • Step Four: The VAT will automatically be removed from your order

It's that simple, there's no need for any other compex paperwork or forms.

What If the VAT Exemption Checkbox Doesn't Appear?

If you are looking to buy a product that matches all of our above criteria, but does not have the VAT exemption checkbox, please contact us at with the product title and URL of the product that you are interested in and we will be able to confirm whether or not it is available without VAT.