Best 5 Heavy Duty Supports and Braces 2024

17 January 2024

You don't have to work in construction to get a bad back. Warehousing, framers and members of traffic control have all reported aching muscles and bones as a result of a hard day's work. The most common aches and pains we hear about are the lumbar and wrist. If this sounds all too familiar, then it sounds like you need a helping hand.

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Repeated lifting can often cause back pain

Supports and Braces

No one is made the same. Whether you have a slightly misaligned spine or a smaller pair of wrists, every now and then we need a helping hand to get the job done. Supports and braces are a scientifically proven method of preventing both joint and muscle pain, as well as correcting dodgy lifting form. So we've consulted our experts here at and come up with a small list of Our Best 5 Heavy Duty Supports and Braces. We have specifically chosen supports and braces with alterations for particular conditions, so there's something here for everyone.

Best Freedom of Movement Work Belt

Portwest PW80 Back Support Work BeltNext up is the Portwest PW80 Back Support Work Belt, a belt for manual handling tasks that supports the spine, lower abdomen and back. Featuring four heavy duty bonding strips for a catered fit and reinforced plastic body for improved durability, the PW80 is an excellent choice for workers who want a perfect combination of safety and freedom of movement. Additionally, you can wear the PW80 discreetly under clothing, and the support is machine washable. 

Key Points: Four heavy duty bonding strips, reinforced plastic body, freedom of movement, machine washable

Best Comfortable Support Brace

Ergodyne ProFlex 1650 Economy Elastic Back Support BraceComing in next is the Ergodyne ProFlex 1650 Economy Elastic Back Support Brace. The ProFlex 1650 supports the spine, lower abdomen and back, encouraging greater posture. Featuring an economical 19cm all-elastic body, the ProFlex 1650 is easy-to-wear and comfortable too.

The back support comes with an easy to close strap with a 12.7cm single strap closure. Moreover, the support has been lovingly crafted from non-conductive polypropylene material for longer-lasting integrity. You can find adjustable, detachable suspenders that keep the back support brace in place. 

Key Points: Greater posture, economical 19cm elastic body, non-conductive material, adjustable detachable suspenders, machine wash cold and air dry

Best Wrist Support for the Job

Oppo Elastic Wrist Support for Handling 2083The Oppo Elastic Wrist Support for Handling 2083 is a fantastic support – firstly because there's one universal size for all, and secondly, it's ambidexterous, meaning that unlike other supports on the market, you can fit this to either your left or right wrist. The Oppo Wrist Support works towards alleviating pain, arthritis and more. It is suitable for use during working hours, especially for manual handling and operating machinery. The support provides a comfortable level of compression and support and there is still plenty of room for movement.

Key Points: One universal size, ambidexterous, elasticated, alleviates arthritis, comfortable compression.

Best Natural Back Support Belt

Harley Sacroiliac Back Support Belt for WorkLast but not least is the Harley Sacroiliac Back Support Belt for Work. Offering highly discreet support for posture conditions such as pelvic pain sacroiliac syndrome and general pelvis instability, the Harley Sacroiliac Support utilises adjustable Velcro fasteners that stay in absolute shape throughout the working day. This belt is particularly useful for people who find support belts cumbersome or uncomfortable – the Harley Back Support is super light-weight in its gentle support to the lumbar region. 

Key Points: Natural fit, lightweight, highly discreet, adjustable velcro fasteners, gentle support

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A dodgy back or wrist can really impact your day. We don't want that, so we've selected a few categories that you might find interesting:

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