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14 January 2024
Best Hi-Vis Vests 2024

Here at Workwear.co.uk we have a wide selection of high visibility vests. We've put together this handy guide to help you find the Best Hi Vis Vests for you this year.

11 January 2024
Best Hi-Vis Waterproof Jackets 2024

Outdoor workplaces can be challenging, with adverse weather and poor lighting putting both safety and productivity at risk. Our range of Hi-Vis Waterproof Work Jackets will ensure you remain both dry and visible, so you can work safely without interference.

27 October 2023
Best Hi-Vis Railway Clothing for Rail Workers 2024

Stay safe and seen with the Best Hi-Vis Railway Clothing for Rail Workers 2024, with an impressive range of multi-functional safety garments.

9 March 2023
Best Waterproof Workwear

Our selection of the Best Waterproof Workwear will shield you from the rain, and there are also options for protection against hazards such as flames, arc flashes, low visibility and the cold. They're breathable, comfortable, and practical.

31 March 2020
Learn About Accidents in the Workplace with Our Infographic

Workplace accidents are a huge cause of loss for UK businesses, but they needn't be with the proper precautions. Find out more about common injuries and how to avoid them with our infographic!

6 March 2020
Our Top 5 Hi-Vis Work Gloves

Welcome to Our Top 5 Hi-Vis Work Gloves blog, featuring all kinds of high visibility hand protection, from cut-resistant to impact protection. We hope that the gloves listed here will give you a better idea of the kind of high visibility gloves that are best suited to you.

11 February 2020
High-Vis Workwear: What Do I Need to Know?

High-Vis work wear is essential in an exceptionally wide range of professions. We discuss the many high-vis PPE standards and their requirements, including EN ISO 20741 standard, the ANSI-ISEA 107-2015 standard, and the RIS-3279-TOM standard.