Best Lightweight Work Jackets 2024

14 August 2023

Whether you work in a cold environment, work on your feet all day, or you just run a little warmer than most, every workman needs a lightweight work jacket to keep them comfortable. Providing light coverage against gusts of wind and nippier air as the evenings draw to a close, we have designs for every industry. In today's blog, we'll give you our best workwear jackets for a number of job roles, helping you to get comfy while looking smart on site.

Keep reading our blog on the Best Lightweight Work Jackets 2024 to see how our selection could benefit your workforce and the rest of your business.

Best Lightweight Waterproof Jacket for Work

TuffStuff 293 Newport Hardwearing and Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

TuffStuff 293 Newport Hardwearing and Lightweight Black Waterproof Winter Jacket


Why We Love It: The TuffStuff 293 Newport Hardwearing and Lightweight Waterproof Jacket offers enhanced protection against wind and rain without being cumbersome, or sacrificing the wearer's dexterity on site when it matters most. With a slimline design to keep the jacket light, this rain and waterproof style allows workers to stay cool in sweaty conditions during manual labour to maintain hygiene wherever you are. In addition, the larger size and thin construction allows the wearer to layer their clothing (they can put warmer clothes underneath), meaning this is truly a solution suitable for year-round coverage!

Not the Best For... Full body coverage from the rain - for this level of protection, we'd recommend the Delta Plus MA400 Green Waterproof Raincoat. Suitable for extremely wet conditions (such as in fishing, wading, agriculture, farming, maintenance, energy work and zoos), this raincoat is breathable and ventilated to keep you dry and fresh in even the messiest outdoor conditions. 

Best Lightweight Hi-Vis Jacket

Portwest S774 Yellow Bizflame Rain PPE High-Vis Lightweight Jacket

Portwest S774 Yellow Bizflame Rain PPE High-Vis Lightweight Jacket

Why We Love It: We love the breathable design of the Portwest S774 Yellow Bizflame Rain PPE High-Vis Lightweight Jacket, which keeps workers visible with an unpadded construction in low-light conditions. Perfect for rainy weather, and equipped with chemical resistance and anti-static properties, this jacket protects workers from contact with small igniting flames: making it ideal for use in construction, warehouse, factory and maintenance industries. Coming in a lightweight fabric, this jacket allows for full freedom of movement to prevent sweat and bacterial build-up, stopping you from overheating during strenuous activities or warm months.

Not The Best For... Helmet compatibility, since this design is intended to fit snugly over the head for the most lightweight design possible. For an extra wide design to fit hard hats, safety helmets and more, try the Engel Hi-Vis Waterproof Jacket (Hi-Vis Yellow/Back)

Best Lightweight Windproof Jacket for Work

Portwest S507 TK2 Windproof 3-In-1 Jacket

Portwest S507 TK2 Windproof 3-in-1 Jacket

Why We Love It: This three-in-one Portwest S507 TK2 Windproof 3-In-1 Jacket is suitable for waterproof, windproof and breathable for use in a number of different weather conditions and working environments. Made with flat polyurethane outer panelling, this jacket makes wind and water almost bounce off the surface, keeping the wearer dry and warm in even the most volatile weather conditions. Featuring plush inner lining that traps and retains heat close to the skin, this is your best bet for a windproof jacket that doesn't feel sweaty or restrictive. 

Not the Best For... More casual wear in cold, windy conditions. In this case, we'd recommend the Portwest F285 Windproof Fleece with a windproof microfibre lining and thermal exterior for softness wherever you are. With anti-pilling to keep the design presentable, this jacket offers a more stylish alternative to workwear that can also be worn outside of work. 

Best Lightweight Chef Jacket

Portwest C738 Short-Sleeved Meshair Pro Chef's Jacket

 Portwest Short-Sleeved C738 MeshAir Pro Chef's Jacket

Why We Love It: Featuring short sleeved and MeshAir gussets, the Portwest C738 Short-Sleeved Meshair Pro Chef's Jacket keeps workers cool as cucumbers in hot kitchens and catering facilities. MeshAir Pro works using double layer polyester aerated mesh to improve airflow and draw moisture away from skin - keeping your body temperature regulated even in the sweatiest conditions. This design is also finished with a Texpel stain resistant to keep you safe from splashes and spills, plus its' non-shrinking style means splashes and spills at work stand no chance in staining this design!

Not the Best For... people who need proper protection of their arms, as many kitchens legally require complete fabric protection of these areas. In this case, why not try the Portwest C836 Sussex Chef's Jacket - a long sleeved solution to the classic chef's jacket. Made from 100% cotton, this shirt offers breathability (though significantly less than the C738) and is reversible to hide stains in open kitchens. 

Best Lightweight Welding Jacket

Portwest FR35 Grey Bizflame Pro Class 1 Welding Jacket 

Portwest FR35 Grey Bizflame Pro Class 1 Welding Jacket

Why We Love It: The Portwest FR35 Grey Bizflame Pro Class 1 Welding Jacket keeps welders light on their feet in this highly active job, since for too long welding jackets have been heavy and awkward to wear. It's also designed for a variety of industries, not just welding, including people in assembly, fabricators, boiler, metal and sheet metal workers, as well as plumbers, making it a convenient purchase for people in these industries too. With flame and static resistance plus radio loops and several handy pockets, this design offers versatility and comfort to all who wear it.

Not the Best For... arc flash protection. The Progarm 5850 Flame Resistance Reflective Arc Flash Jacket for Welding keeps workers safe from accidental explosions that occur from arc flashes - making it brilliantly protective from serious hazards at work. 

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