Best Safety Shoes 2024

6 July 2023

Safety shoes are essential for a variety of industries - and are often a legal requirement on many work sites. However, not all safety shoes were created equal: so in today's blog we'll help you find the best ones for a happy, healthy workforce.

In our guide to the Best Safety Shoes 2024, we cover some of our favourite recommendations for protective footwear, whatever purpose you're looking for!

What's Covered In This Guide?

In this blog, we'll cover the following areas:

Best Safety Shoes

Our Favourite: Portwest FC02 Compositelite ESD Leather Safety Shoes

Portwest FC02 Compositelite ESD Leather Safety Shoes

Why We Love Them...

 Versatile, convenient design for employers and workers
 Composite toecaps prevent damage to the toe area 
 Shock absorbing, grippy design reduces injury risks
 Comfortable design can be worn for hours on end 

Perfect For...

 Various industries: health care, hospitality, cleaning
 Indoor and outdoor use, slippery and wet spaces
 Comfort during shift work and all day protection

Editor's Verdict: The Portwest FC02 Compositelite Safety Shoes are one of our bestselling safety shoes and it's not hard to see why. With a microfibre construction and lace fitting for comfort during long shifts, this is the best solution for anyone needing a lightweight solution that doesn't compromise protection. With composite toecaps for a metal-free design (making it safe for metal-free zones), these shoes offer maximum comfort, range of use, and convenience.

Best Lightweight Safety Shoes

Our Favourite: Portwest Base Lightweight Anti-Static Work Shoes

Portwest Base Yellowstone Lightweight Anti-Static Mid Work Boots

Why We Love Them...

 Lightweight construction is ultra-comfortable
 Made of recycled materials, reducing your carbon footprint
 Puncture resistant undersole prevents nail-injuries
 Anti-static design is safe for use around electronics

Perfect For...

 Summer work where breathability is key
 Improving sustainability in the workplace
 Glass, nails and debris protection on site

Editor's Verdict: Working on your feet all day definitely doesn't lend itself to gorgeous smelling feet, but these shoes protect your toes and ventilate them too! The Portwest Base Lightweight Work Shoes offer lightweight yet robust protection against common workplace sharps, with composite toecaps and a recycled construction. For stylish, safe and stink-free employees, these shoes are your best bet! 

Best Waterproof Safety Shoes

Our Favourite: Blaklader Elite Safety Shoes

Blaklader Workwear ELITE Safety Shoes (Black)

Why We Love Them...

 Leather construction is fully waterproof 
 Cleated rubber outsoles for grip on any terrain
 Heel reinforcement provides strong support
 Available in 14 sizes to fit the majority of workers

Perfect For...

 All terrains, outdoor and indoor environments
 Quick application: with a freelock lacing system
 Night time work, with hi-vis reflective details

Editor's Verdict: Few work shoes have proper grip and water resistance, compromising productivity and safety for workforces. If you work outside or in slippery conditions, you need the Blaklader Elite Safety Shoes for agility wherever you are. Perfect for harsh weather conditions, these shoes keep employees comfortable and agile without a hefty design or price tag.

Most Comfortable Safety Shoes

Our Favourite: Ejendals JALAS 5342 Anti-Slip Work Shoes

Ejendals Jalas 5342 Anti-Slip Leather Work Shoes

Why We Love Them...

 Trainer style with laces is ultra comfortable 
 Leather construction molds to fit your foot shape 
 Reduces sprain and strain injuries during use
 Double shock-resistant zones ease aching feet

Perfect For...

 Anti-slip support for walking, running and on your feet
 Hospitality, healthcare, service and retail industries
 Looking smart anywhere, with an all-black design

Editor's Verdict: Safety shoes don't have the best reputation for being comfortable - until the Ejendals Anti-Slip Leather Work Shoes came along! Made of soft leather for robust yet flexible support, these shoes offer a diverse range of use in the service industries, as well as everyday general wear. With an all-black trainer-like design, these shoes can actually reduce existing sprains and strains for workmen on their feet all day, helping you to look and feel better at work.

Best Safety Shoes for Standing All Day

Our Favourite: Ejendals Jalas 5302 Occupational Work Shoes

Ejendals Jalas 5302 SP0C Anti-Shock Occupational Work Shoes

Why We Love Them...

 Reduces foot and ankle damage when standing
 Shock absorbing materials prevent impact injuries
 Provides superior grip to avoid slips and trips
 Lightweight, breathable and comfortable construction

Perfect For...

 Healthcare, hospitality, care and factory work
 Every day and general fast-paced environments 
 Ankle support to reduce strains, twists and shock

Editor's Verdict: So many safety shoes protect against external hazards, yet hurt your feet themselves! Designed for line workers and physical labourers, the Ejendals Jalas 5302 Occupational Work Shoes provide intense ankle support for those who rely on it the most. No matter if your work is slower or faster paced, these shoes ensure maximum safety on slippery, trippy surfaces for peace of mind wherever you are.

Best Smart Safety Shoes

Our Favourite: Ejendals Jalas VIP Dress Safety Shoes

Ejendals JALAS VIP 2142 Smart Dress Safety Shoes

Why We Love Them...

 Safety shoes with a classy, professional appearance
 Offers convenience for workers on and off site
 Oil, static and shock protection for versatility
 Leather construction is flexible and comfortable

Perfect For...

 Popping on and off site and in-between meetings
 Managers, directors, and executives
 Meetings, board rooms, factories, offices and warehouses

Editor's Verdict: Construction workwear isn't the most professional looking, making it unsuitable for meetings and inspections. Bringing a spare pair of shoes can be awkward to commute with too, which is where the Ejendals JALAS VIP Dress Safety Shoes come in! With a brogue style exterior and ultra-gripping soles, this pair of executive shoes packs a sophisticated punch in any environment. 

Best Safety Overshoes

Our Favourite: Impacto Turbotoe Steel Toe Cap Overshoes

Impacto Turbotoe Steel Toe Cap Overshoes

Why We Love Them...

 Durable PVC construction allows for reuse
 Ideal for various styles of shoe for convenience
 Steel toecaps ensure cost-efficiency and protection
 Quickly fit onto the majority of shoes for efficiency

Perfect For...

 Turning any pair of shoes into safety shoes
 Managers, directors, and high up professionals
 Meetings, board rooms, factories, offices and warehouses

Editor's Verdict: Typically made of single-use plastic, conventional overshoes are cost-ineffective and create a huge amount of waste. Not only that: they fail to offer any kind of protection - damaging your toes and the planet at the same time! The Impacto Turbotoe Steel Toe Cap Overshoes shield toes from workplace hazards, are reusable, and fit the majority of shoes, for safety on site no matter what.


Best Safety Shoes for Women

Our Favourite: Portwest Steelite Women's Safety Shoes

Portwest FW41 Steelite Women's Safety Shoes S1 (Black)

Why We Love Them...

 Prevents impact injuries for female workers
 Steel toe caps prevent damage to the toes
 Slip, fuel and oil resistant for use in various injuries
 Anti-static design ensures safety when running

Perfect For...

 Women in logistics and construction industries
 Every day and general fast-paced environments 
 Slippery environments, protects against water and oil

Editor's Verdict: It's an unfortunate fact that most work shoes are built for men, making it tricky for female industry workers to find protective footwear. However, the Portwest Steelite Women's Safety Shoes keep women safe from a range of hazards while staying comfy. Designed to be worn for hours on end, these shoes combine steel toe caps, fashionable action leather and PU soles for shoes that are as flexible and smart as they are protective.

Best Safety Shoes for Men

Winner: Portwest FC61 Compositelite HRO Shoes

Portwest FC61 Compositelite Operis Shoes S3 HRO (Blue)

Why We Love Them...

 Stylish design for men for every day support
 S3 protection levels for resistance against multiple threats
 Pierce, heat, static, water, shock and slip resistant
 Dual-density offers flexibility and protection

Perfect For...

 A fashionable alternative to often ugly work shoes
 Comfortable and everyday work shoes for men 
 Use in electrical environments, with an anti-static design

Editor's Verdict: When looking for safety shoes for men, it's important to consider the three Ss: style, safety and support levels. The Portwest FC61 Compositelite HRO Shoes offer all this and more at an affordable price tag. Perfect for every day use and with a slip-resistant style, this design keeps workmen safe from a variety of hazards while feeling like a conventional footwear option.

Stylish, Safe and Supportive Shoes

Safety shoes are the best way to increase productivity at work - plus, they look and feel pretty great too. We have a huge range of Work Safety Shoes designed to put employer's minds at ease by abiding safety regulations, while keeping workers comfy and fashion-conscious. Check out our selection of safety footwear below for even more suggestions.

Work Safety Shoes