Best Vegan Safety Footwear 2024

7 July 2023

Working in hazardous conditions requires robust foot protection. However, the environment often pays the price of this, since safety footwear is often made from animal products like leather and suede. In today's blog, we'll recommend our top picks of safety shoes, safety boots, safety trainers and even vegan safety sandals to protect workforces and the planet!

In our guide to the Best Vegan Safety Footwear 2024, we'll cover some of our best recommendations for vegan footwear for any industry use!

What's Covered in This Guide?

In this blog, we'll cover the following areas:

Best Vegan Safety Boots

Winner: Portwest FC15 Compositelite Derwent Boots

Portwest FC15 Compositelite Derwent Boots S1P (Black/Grey)

Why We Love Them...

 Composite toecaps and midsoles ensure safety
 Prevents injury from punctures, shock, and slips
 Non-metallic design is ideal for metal-free zones
 Diverse industry use provides enhanced convenience 

Perfect For...

 Use with heavy machinery and sharp work tools
 Indoor and outdoor use, slippery and wet spaces
 Comfort during shift work and all day protection

Editor's Verdict: The Portwest FC15 Compositelite Derwent Boots are vegan safety boots that look like anything but! Featuring fiberglass toecaps and anti-penetration midsoles for a metal-free design, this vegan footwear is sure to give work hazards the boot. They also feature superbly cushioned foot beds for fatigue prevention, keeping you light on your feet and not your wallet. 

Best Vegan Safety Shoes

Winner: Portwest Compositelite Laced Safety Shoes

Portwest FD61 Compositelite Laced Safety Shoes (White)

Why We Love Them...

 Fashionable style doesn't look like safety shoes
 Protects against slips, trips, falls, water, fuel and oil
 Anti-bacterial treated for use in sterile environments
 Perforated insoles keep feet fresh for hours on end

Perfect For...

 Food, pharmaceutical, catering and hospitality
 Common workplace hazards such as slippery floors
 Comfortable and discreet everyday workwear

Editor's Verdict: Workwear shouldn't always look like workwear, particularly if you're employed in a customer-facing role. The Portwest Compositelite Laced Safety Shoes keep workers covered from standard workplace hazards with a fashionable monochromatic white construction and lace front. The unique selling point of these shoes is that they're anti-bacterial and perforated at the insoles, making them brilliant for use in hot, sweaty environments like kitchens and catering facilities.

Best Vegan Safety Trainers

Winner: Ejendals JALAS Exalter BOA Safety Trainers

Ejendals JALAS EXALTER 9925 BOA Fastening System Anti-Static Safety Trainers

Why We Love Them...

 Dial turning fastening system is unique and intuitive
 Aluminium toe caps prevent against impact damage
 Slip, discharge and impact resistant for safety at work
 Stylish design encourages compliance of employees

Perfect For...

 Summer work for breathable foot protection
 Improving sustainability in the workplace
 Glass, nails and debris protection on site

Editor's Verdict: Safety trainers are often ugly and uncomfortable - decreasing employee compliance and increasing likelihood of injury. However, the Ejendals JALAS Exalter BOA Safety Trainers offer a stylish alternative to conventional footwear for protection no matter where you are. Featuring a unique dial fastening system, these trainers eliminate the risk of you tripping up on your laces, prevent you having to remove your gloves when putting your shoes on, and keep your shoes clean from potentially muddy or tarnished handwear. 

Best Vegan Safety Clogs

Winner: Portwest FW82 Steel Toecaps Safety Clogs

Portwest FW82 SB Black Steelite Steel Toecaps Safety Work Clogs

Why We Love Them...

 Classic style clogs are animal-product free
 Machine washable style is convenient and hygienic
 Steel toecaps are impact and puncture resistant
 Self-cleaning style for maximum sterility

Perfect For...

 Critical medical environments and food industries
 Cross contamination and germ spreading prevention
 Sterile environments needing maximum hygiene

Editor's Verdict: Various workspaces require self-cleaning shoes, but few are as convenient as the Portwest FW82 Steel Toecaps Safety Clogs. Machine washable for use in the strictest working environments, including cleanrooms, medical and food industries, these clogs keep workers and their customers satisfied and safe. With a slip-on design and built for maximum convenience (with a machine washable construction), these clogs offer the best form of sterility available on the safety clog market. 

Protect the Planet and Your Feet

We have a huge range of Vegan Safety Footwear available for men and women, in a variety of styles for all industries. Check out our selection of Vegan Safety Boots and Vegan Safety Shoes for more information.