Best Waterproof Work Jackets 2024

16 August 2023  |  Sharman

When working in wet conditions, wearing rain protection is essential, but the type of raincoat you need depends on the weather you're in and the type of work you're doing. You might need a light windbreaker for summer rain or a heavy waterproof winter coat for more extreme weather. Whatever the temperature or environment, this Best Waterproof Work Jackets 2024 guide could help you find the raincoat for you.

What Will This Guide Cover?

Best Overall Waterproof Work Jacket

Our Favourite: TuffStuff 295 Sutherland Grey Waterproof Windbreaker

TuffStuff 295 Sutherland Grey Fleece Lined Waterproof WindbreakerWhy We Love It...

 Waterproof windbreaker design is lightweight for portability
✔ Kangaroo pockets ensure storage for tools and equipment
 Polyurethane coating guarantees 100% waterproof outer layer

Perfect For...

 Cold environments (thermal inner layer traps heat for insulation)
 Heavy rain, with extreme weather waterproof rating of 3,000mm
 Outdoor workers including farmers, gardeners, labourers and more!

Not the Best For...

Extreme rain (See our solution)
Extreme cold (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: We love how universal the TuffStuff 295 Sutherland Grey Windbreaker is for waterproof protection in most workplaces. With a lightweight construction designed to be popped on effortlessly, this style offers the most intense prevention against extreme temperatures. Of course, the beauty of this design is that while made for extreme weather, it can be worn for miserable English weather through to the most violent monsoon-style storms, for a totally diverse design.


Best Lightweight Waterproof Work Jacket

Our Favourite: TuffStuff 293 Newport Hardwearing and Lightweight Black Waterproof Winter Jacket

 TuffStuff 293 Newport Hardwearing and Lightweight Black Waterproof Winter Jacket

Why We Love It...

 Ultra-light and flexible fabric retains freedom of movement
 Windbreaker design uses polyurethane coating for resistance
 Waterproof fabric graded to withstand 5000mm of water

Perfect For...

 Light rain and for rainy spells on warm days
 Wearing on top of other jackets and jumpers as a soft shell
 Work environments and jobs where bulky coats are unsuitable

Not the Best For...

Working in low-light conditions (See our solution)
Adapting to different weather conditions (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Designed to be thin and ultra-lightweight, the TuffStuff 293 Rain Jacket offers perfect for on-the-go work and physically demanding actions like lifting equipment or climbing ladders. Despite not being overly padded or bulky, it still offers robust rain protection too, with a polyurethane coating that stops water building up on the surface of the jacket. With taped seams for durability, it will last a long time too. 

Best Heavy Duty Waterproof Jacket 

Our Favourite: Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket T400

Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket T400

Why We Love It...

 Certified against EN standards for maximum rain protection
 Texpel Splash finish wicks water and dirt away from jacket surface
✔ Reflective tape for for maximum visibility in low-light conditions

Perfect For...

 Working in heavy rain, storms and cold weather
 Low-light conditions like winter or evenings
 Roadside work or other environments where being seen is vital

Not the Best For...

Summer work (See our solution)
Extremely cold conditions (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: The Portwest PW3 Raincoat is a highly protective jacket to help you stay comfortable and dry, even in heavy rain. It's quilt lined for comprehensive insulation and treated with Texpel for robust resistance to water, dirt and stains. Available in bright orange or yellow and featuring reflective strips across the surface, it's perfect for roadside work and will help you stay safe and seen in low-light conditions too.

Best Waterproof Windproof Jacket

Our Favourite: Portwest S507 TK2 Windproof 3-in-1 Jacket

Portwest S507 TK2 Windproof 3-in-1 Jacket

Why We Love It...

 Taped seams offer comprehensive wind and water resistance
 Breathable fabric prevents overheating and keeps you cool
✔ Highly adaptable with detachable fleece lining and hood

Perfect For...

 Wearing as a windbreaker by itself or other layers
 Wind and rain resistance without overheating
 Adapting to different weather conditions

Not the Best For...

Cold weather (See our solution)
Roadside work and work at night (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Whether worn as a shell layer over other clothes in cold weather or worn by itself, the Portwest S507 Jacket offers extremely effective wind shielding, on top being waterproof. Made of a breathable fabric that draws moisture away from the body, it helps prevent overheating as well. With a removable fleece that can be worn independently, as well as a foldaway hood, it's seriously versatile too.

Best Waterproof Winter Jacket

Our Favourite: Portwest PW369 Hi-Vis Winter Parka Jacket

Portwest PW369 Hi-Vis Winter Parka Jacket

Why We Love It...

 Insulatex lining for comprehensive warmth retention
 Adjustable waist, hem and hood for most comfortable fit
✔ Certified against EN standards for maximum rain protection

Perfect For...

 Working in extremely cold and wet weather 
 Companies wanting a standard fleece which can be customised
 Comfortable protection across a variety of industries

Not the Best For...

Summer work (See our solution)
Flexibility and movement (See our solution)

Our Supplier Says: "This is one of our bestsellers due to the universal style it has - it's perfect for everyday wear, and more industry experts across a range of jobs. Being of minimalistic style, this fleece looks smart but not overly professional, meaning it can be comfortably worn while commuting to and from work."

Editor's Verdict: Working outdoors in the winter can be brutal, especially in the rain. Lined with heavyweight Insulatex and certified against EN standards for maximum waterproofing, the Portwest Waterproof Parka will have you welcoming winter. It's incredibly comfortable too with knitted cuffs and adjustment points at the waist, hem and hood. Made with 300D Oxford polyester for extreme durability and supplied in a yellow hi-vis design, it's perfect for tough jobs in low light conditions. 

Stay Dry While You Work

These are some of our favourite work raincoats and we hope you've found the right jacket you. But if you're still looking, there's no need to worry! Why not have a look at our full Waterproof Jacket range, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for.

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