Best Work Knee Pads 2024

11 October 2023  |  Sharman

From carpeting a floor, to tiling a roof, or crouching under a sink, spending extended time on your knees can be uncomfortable and even cause long-term damage. Wearing the right knee pads can make your work day much more comfortable and reduce wear, while also protecting your knees from damage in case of falls.

The type of knee pads you're looking for will depend on the hazards and environments you're dealing with. Whether you need heavy duty protection, or just some light shielding, our Best Work Knee Pads 2024 can help.

What Will This Guide Cover?

Best Overall Work Knee Pads

Our Favourite: Portwest KP60 Thigh Support Knee Pads (Black/Orange)

Portwest KP60 Thigh Support Knee Pads (Black/Orange)Why We Love Them...

 Extended protection offers shielding for your upper legs
✔ Silicone gel and EVA foam cushion impact and absorb shock
 Neoprene straps and hinged pad offer full range of movement

Perfect For...

 Adding breathable protection to knees
 Extended coverage over your thighs

Not the Best For...

Lighter protection (See our solution)
Working in wet weather (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Combining a tough thermoplastic rubber knee cap and a longer design that extends coverage up the thigh, the Portwest KP60 Thigh Support Knee Pads offer comprehensive knee protection. The insides are lined with EVA foam and silicone gel to lessen the effects of shock, reducing the chances of developing chronic knee pain. Secured with breathable and flexible neoprene, your knees will stay cool and comfortable too, even on long work days.

Best Gel Knee Pads for Work

Our Favourite: Portwest KP40 Ultimate Gel Kneepads

Portwest KP40 Ultimate Gel KneepadsWhy We Love Them...

 Thick silicone gel adjusts to kneecap for customised comfort
✔ PVC shell is tough and abrasion-resistant for lasting protection
 Designed to evenly distribute weight over surface of knee pad

Perfect For...

 Extremely compact protection that just covers the knee
 All-day comfort with pressure-dispersing gel

Not the Best For...

Greater coverage around leg (See our solution)
Hard shell protection (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Compared to more rigid knee pads, the exterior gel of the Portwest KP40 Ultimate Gel Kneepads adapts to your kneeling position, to evenly and comfortably distribute weight. On the insides EVA foam cradles the knees, while a PVC shell offers a barrier against hard impacts and abrasions. To ensure lasting comfort, they're ergonomically shaped and the straps have been designed to prevent bunching up and pinching.


Best Heavy-Duty Knee Pads for Work

Our Favourite: Impacto 825 Hard Shell Polymer Foam Knee Pads

Impacto 825 Hard Shell Polymer Foam Knee Pads

Why We Love Them...

 IMPACTO hard shell offers extremely robust protection
 Hinge-action design of shell bends with the knee to be less restrictive
 Moulded foam and CoolMax inner lining offer a comfortable fit

Perfect For...

 Hard shielding and impact protection for knees and upper shins
 Working outdoors and in muddy environments

Not the Best For...

Maximum joint flexibility (See our solution)
Working in wet conditions (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: For more dangerous jobs, you may prefer knee pads that offer greater impact protection. The Impacto 825 Hard Shell Knee Pads combine an extremely hard outer shell for impressive durability with a co-polymer foam padding for cushioning that surrounds the knees when you land on them. This works for soft impacts like kneeling down or harder impacts like falling. Despite this heavy protection,  they feature a breathable CoolMax lining that wicks away moisture.

Best Waterproof Knee Pads for Work

Our Favourite: McAlpine Waterproof Strapped Kneepads with Redbacks Technology

McAlpine Waterproof Strapped Kneepads with Redbacks Technology

Why We Love Them...

 Extremely padded design supports whole knee instead of one point
 Waterproof and highly-resistant outer fabric for lasting durability
✔ Embedded leaf springs absorb and spread weight comfortably

Perfect For...

 Heavy cushioning for lowest impact and pressure fit
 Wet conditions and working outdoors in winter

Not the Best For...

Thinner and lighter protection (See our solution)
Hard-shell, impact protection (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Perfect for dirty jobs in the mud and rain, these McAlpine Knee Pads are waterproof, dirt-resistant and easy to clean. Compared to gel or foam knee pads, they're heavily padded to disperse pressure away from the whole knee, instead of surrounding the knee joint. This also provides McAlpine's "100% recovery", meaning that they retain their natural shape. With comprehensive strapping above and below, they comfortably stay in place, even with heavy movement. 

Best Lightweight Knee Pads for Work

Our Favourite: Portwest KP20 Lightweight Kneepads

Portwest KP20 Lightweight Kneepads

Why We Love Them...

 Lightweight and breathable EVA/nylon combination for lasting comfort
 Wraparound design moulds around knee with thick foam cushion centre
✔ Tough outer shell shields knee from uneven surfaces and sharp objects

Perfect For...

 More subtle knee and upper shin protection
 Warmer weather and comfortable all-day wear

Not the Best For...

Thigh protection (See our solution)
Thicker cushioning (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: If you're looking for more subtle knee shielding that offers protection without the bulk or weight of heavier pads, the Portwest KP20 Lightweight Kneepads are your best bet. They're thin and breathable, while the foam centre surrounds the knee cap for essential impact absorption. Despite the lightweight build, they extend protection to the shins and with two adjustable straps, they offer each wearer a customised and comfortable fit.

Much Kneeded Protection

Wearing knee pads can make your work day much more comfortable and protect the long-term health of your knees, too. We've highlighted some brilliant pads in this guide but if you're still looking for the right pair, why not have a look at our full selection of Knee Pads.

Do you have any questions about knee pads or just something to add? Why not let us know in the comments below!