Best Safety Boots 2023

20 July 2023

Safety boots are a fantastic way to enhance safety, comfort and productivity in the workplace. In this article, we'll give you the best safety boots according to a number of considerations - helping you to find the perfect footwear no matter what industry you're in. With various colours, styles and protection levels to choose from, we have something for everyone - so keep reading to find out more!

Check out our full run-down of the Best Safety Boots 2024 to find something to suit you and your workforce!

What's Covered In This Guide?

In this blog, we'll cover the following areas:

Best Value Steel Toe Cap Safety Boots

Our Favourite: Fort Workwear Steel Toe Cap Safety Boots

Fort Workwear FF102 Toledo Steel Toe Capped Black Work Boots

Why We Love Them...

 Classic safety boot style prevents impact injuries
 Composite toecaps prevent damage to the toe area 
 Steel and polyurethane sole adds intense protection
 Leather construction is stylish and comfortable

Perfect For...

 Industries including builders and demolition professionals
 Large teams, as there are seven sizes available
 Use indoors and outdoors with water resistance

Editor's Verdict: It's not hard to see why the Fort Workwear Steel Toe Cap Safety Boots are our top selling safety boot - with a stylish design and unbeatable protection against most workplace hazards. With classic steel toecaps and midsoles (featuring polyurethane soles for added protection), these boots offer complete cost-efficiency. Ideal for a variety of industries, these boots deflect lightweight sharps - making them perfect for use on construction sites, in agricultural settings and just about anywhere your feet can get injured.

Best Value Composite Toe Cap Safety Boots

Our Favourite: Portwest Compositelite Anti-Static Safety Boots

Portwest FC10 Compositelite Anti-Static Safety Boots S1P

Why We Love Them...

 Soft and comfortable boot with composite toe caps
 Composite toe caps are anti-static for diverse use
 Pierce and puncture resistance is ideal for construction
 Non-metallic design can be worn in metal-free zones

Perfect For...

 Security areas, MRIs, and other metal-free zones
 Easy cleaning, with a simple wipe-down surface
 Prevention of electricity build-up, for use with electricals

Editor's Verdict: Poor quality boots often lead to a static build-up: which is the last thing you need when running around on your feet all day. The Portwest Compositelite Anti-Static Safety Boots keep workers safe and sound in risky environments. Metal-free and made of an action leather material, these boots offer improved hygiene and comfort when it's needed most: making them ideal for medical facilities and security areas where metals and cross-contamination are to be avoided at all costs. 

Best Lightweight Safety Boots

Our Favourite: Portwest Base Lightweight Anti-Static Work Boots

Portwest Base Yellowstone Lightweight Anti-Static Mid Work Boots

Why We Love Them...

 Lightweight construction is ultra-comfortable
 Made of recycled materials, reducing your carbon footprint
 Puncture resistant undersole prevents nail-injuries
 Anti-static design is safe for use around electronics

Perfect For...

 Summer work where breathability is key
 Improving sustainability in the workplace
 Glass, nails and debris protection on site

Editor's Verdict: Working on your feet all day definitely doesn't lend itself to gorgeous smelling feet, but these boots protect your toes and ventilate them too! The Portwest Base Lightweight Work Boots offer lightweight yet robust protection against common workplace sharps, with composite toecaps and a recycled construction. For stylish, safe and stink-free employees, these boots are your best bet! 

Best Waterproof Safety Boots

Our Favourite: Apache Waterproof Safety Hiking Boots

Sterling Safetywear Apache SS812SM Waterproof Safety Hiking Boots (Black)

Why We Love Them...

 Fully waterproof design protects against rain and spills
 Intense traction ensures grip on any terrain
 Heel reinforcement provides strong support
 Available in 11 sizes to fit the majority of workers

Perfect For...

 Most weather conditions, perfect for labourers
 Punctures, impact, heat, water, slip and static protection
 Low maintenance safety boots, with a wipe down surface

Editor's Verdict: Hiking boots for all weather are often made of mesh for breathability: but this makes cleaning them very difficult, leading to stinky boots with a short shelf life. However, the Apache Waterproof Safety Hiking Boots stay squeaky clean with an easy wipe-down design suitable for wear in all weathers. Designed for outdoor labourers such as construction workers, farmers, gardeners and more, these boots offer safety in unsafe conditions in the most intuitive design possible.

Most Comfortable Safety Boots

Our Favourite: Blaklader Workwear ELITE Safety Boots

Blaklader Workwear ELITE Safety Boots 2455 (Black)

Why We Love Them...

 Soft, anatomical PU insole is comfortable for wear all day
 Water and nail resistance for enhanced foot protection
 Interior supports the foot at all angles for labour intensive jobs
 Shock and penetration resistance reduces injuries

Perfect For...

 Labourers and construction workers on their feet all day
 Indoor and outdoor wear, with water and nail resistance
 Easy entry and removal, with a freelock lacing system

Editor's Verdict: Safety boots aren't known for being super flexible, since they often sacrifice flexibility for protection. However, the Blaklader Workwear ELITE Safety Boots offer the best of both worlds with a super-plush interior and tough outer shell, for strength and comfort when you need it most. Perfect for a range of industry uses (and with nail and water-resistance, making them even more convenient in their range of use), these boots keep you nimble in all seasons and spaces.

Best Stylish Safety Boots

Our Favourite: Portwest FW51 Dealer Boots (Brown)

Portwest FW51 Dealer Boots S1P (Brown)

Why We Love Them...

 Sophisticated and classy footwear for every day safety
 Steel toe caps and mid soles offer robust protection
 Leather dealer boot design is long lasting for cost efficiency
 Dual density sole is flexible yet firm for comfy protection

Perfect For...

 Nipping between meetings, site, and commuting
 Every day wear in just about any environment! 
 Ankle support and slip resistance for enhanced protection

Editor's Verdict: Sometime you want a safety boot that doesn't look like a safety boot - particularly if you regularly attend meetings, need to commute often, or just fancy a post-work trip to town without looking like you're still in uniform! The Portwest FW51 Dealer Boots S1P prevent puncture and impact injuries without being heavy and awkward, keeping you light on your feet during physically demanding tasks. This classic Chelsea boot style increases compliance with health and safety regulations since they're more enjoyable to wear: making workforces happier and healthier in hazardous environments.

Best Safety Boots for Women

Our Favourite: Portwest FW03 Steelite Safety Boots

Portwest FW03 S3 Steelite Safety Work Boots

Why We Love Them...

 Strong, sturdy boots provide safety for women at work
 Padded collar reduces friction for effortless wear all day
 Steel toecaps ensure cost-efficiency and protection
 shock absorbing seat region eliminates impact injuries

Perfect For...

 Female employees needing superior foot safety at work
 Protection against water, static, slip, shock, fuel and oil
 Construction, factories, logistics and other hazardous environments

Editor's Verdict: Safety footwear is predominantly designed for men, compromising women's safety and wellbeing in a huge number of industries. However, the Portwest FW03 Steelite Safety Boots utilise steel toe caps and anti-slip, anti-static soles for a safer, more inclusive workplace. With an S3 level of protection, these boots prevent against the majority of workplace hazards, making them our most cost-effective safety boots for women!


Best Safety Boots for Men

Winner: Portwest FW24 S3 Steelite Kumo Safety Boots

Portwest FW24 S3 Steelite Kumo Safety Boots with Scuff Cap

Why We Love Them...

 Stylish, ultra-comfortable design for men for every day support
 S3 protection levels for resistance against multiple threats
 Pierce, heat, static, water, shock and slip resistant
 Dual-density offers flexibility and protection

Perfect For...

 Use in dry and wet conditions, indoors and outdoors
 Comfortable and everyday work boots for men 
 Anti-static protection for relentless support on the go

Editor's Verdict: It's a common misconception that safety boots need to be heavyweight and clunky to be protective: but the Portwest FW24 S3 Steelite Kumo Safety Boots shut this down completely. Made of a lightweight, pliable leather, these boots keep workmen safe around heavy machinery and the sharpest of nails. With water-resistant properties (as well as static, fuel, oil, and slip resistance), these scuff-capped boots protect the entirety of the foot and toe area for the highest level of safety available.

Stylish, Safe and Supportive Boots

Safety boots are the best way to increase productivity at work - plus, they look and feel pretty great too. We have a huge range of Work Safety Boots designed to put employer's minds at ease by abiding safety regulations, while keeping workers comfy and fashion-conscious. Check out our selection of safety footwear below for even more suggestions.

Work Safety Boots 

In our guide to the Best Safety Boots 2024, we cover some of our favourite recommendations for protective footwear, whatever purpose you're looking for!