Best Work Shoes for Warehouses 2023

8 August 2023

Warehouse work can be cold, tough on your feet, and at times uncomfortable - making your choice of footwear essential for safety and comfort. In this article, we'll give you the lowdown on the best warehouse shoes according to common warehouse hazards and considerations. With options for men and women, plus warehouse shoes, warehouse trainers and warehouse boots, we'll help you find the perfect solution for you and your workforce.

Keep reading to find out the Best Work Shoes for Warehouses 2024, where we'll show you the best footwear designs on the market!

What's Covered In This Guide?

In this blog, we'll cover the following areas:

Best Warehouse Safety Shoes

Our Favourite: Portwest Compositelite Laced Safety Shoes

Portwest FD61 Compositelite Laced Safety Shoes (Black)

Why We Love Them...

 The perfect everyday safety shoe for warehouses
 Composite toe caps are anti-static for diverse use
✔ Resistant against standard warehouse hazards
 Antibacterial, perforated design enhances hygiene

Perfect For...

 Everyday wear in warehousing, makes commuting comfortable
 Protection against impact, water, static, slip, oil and water
 Prevention of electricity build-up, for use with electricals

Safety Standards

 EN Standards: S2 (check out our Handy Guide to EN Standards for Footwear to learn more)

Editor's Verdict: Warehouse workers are on their feet all day long, meaning static build-up is a hazard they need to be extra-conscious of. The Portwest FD61 Compositelite Safety Shoes keep employees safe from impact injuries (which can occur from falling materials or with accidental kicks), using metal-free toe caps for electrical resistance. Designed for use in hospitality, food and pharmaceutical industries, these shoes offer protection against the widest range of hazards on this list, making them brilliant for warehouse and logistics experts given the diverse nature of the job.


Best Warehouse Trainers

Our Favourite: Ejendals JALAS 5362 Boa Fastening Lightweight Safety Trainers

Ejendals JALAS 5362 BOA Fastening Lightweight Safety Trainers

Why We Love Them...

 Boa fastening trainers eliminate hazardous laces
 Toe cap-free design keeps workers light on their feet
 Oil and Electrostatic discharge resistance is ideal for warehouses
 Twin-zone shock absorption eliminates impact damage

Perfect For...

 Indoor use on ceramic and steel floors - stopping slips
 Everyday wear indoors on hard, slippery surfaces
 Wearing both in and out of work for effortless protection

Safety Standards

 EN Standards: SRA, SRB (check out our Handy Guide to EN Standards for Footwear to learn more)

Editor's Verdict: Trainers are the best way to stay super comfortable in the warehouse industry, since they're ideal for moving quickly with comfort. The Ejendals JALAS 3562 Boa Trainers keep you safe in two ways: firstly, by eliminating conventional laced shoes in favour of a patented BOA fastening (dial) system, and by utilising a stylish trainer construction for lightweight, non-stop comfort. Featuring extra-grippy soles for traction on most surfaces, these trainers help you to carry heavy objects and move quickly while doing it, stress-free.

Best Warehouse Toe Cap Boots

Our Favourite: Blaklader Workwear ELITE Safety Boots

Blaklader Workwear ELITE Safety Boots 2455 (Black)

Why We Love Them...

 Soft, anatomical PU insole is comfortable for wear all day
 Lightweight aluminium toe caps protect vulnerable metatarsal bones
 Interior supports the foot at all angles for labour intensive jobs
 Water, nail, shock and penetration resistance reduces injuries

Perfect For...

 Labourers and construction workers on their feet all day
 Indoor and outdoor wear, with water and nail resistance
 Easy entry and removal, with a freelock lacing system

Safety Standards

 EN Standards: S3, WR, ESD, SRC (check out our Handy Guide to EN Standards for Footwear to learn more)

Editor's Verdict: In slightly 'higher risk' warehouses, you might need safety boots for more coverage of the lower leg and ankle areas from spills, falling objects, and impact injury. While safety boots aren't always known for their comfort or flexibility, the Blaklader Workwear ELITE are the perfect solution, bringing a soft, anatomical insole for total unrestricted movement. Designed with a Freelock lacing system for easy entry and removal (eliminating annoying, trip-hazardous laces), these boots are the water and nail-resistant footwear solution that doesn't compromise comfort! 

Best Comfortable Warehouse Toe Cap Shoes

Our Favourite: Portwest FC08 Compositelite Eco Safety Trainer

Portwest FC08 Compositelite Eco Safety Trainer

Why We Love Them...

 Toe capped safety trainers protect warehousing experts
 Gel footbed distributes weight evenly for complete comfort
 Energy absorbing seat region reduces impact shock 
 3D breathable mesh keep feet fresh and sweat-free

Perfect For...

 Various industries: warehousing, logistic and active jobs
 Warehouse hazards: slip, static, fuel and oil resistant
 Lightweight, super comfortable support for day long wear

Safety Standards

 EN Standards: S1P (check out our Handy Guide to EN Standards for Footwear to learn more)

Editor's Verdict: Working in a warehouse can make it difficult to know what to wear, since you're often dealing with unpredictable situations and products. The lightweight Portwest FC08 Trainers offer protection of the world's toughest safety shoes in a lightweight trainer-style shoe: offering you the best of both worlds in an eco-friendly, stylish form! Featuring breathable mesh and breathable footbeds that contort around your feet for the perfect fit, these shoes keep feet fresh as a daisy for effortless protection on site.

Best Non-Slip Warehouse Shoes 

Our Favourite: Portwest FW19 01 Anti-Slip Black Safety Shoes

Portwest FW19 O1 Anti-Slip Black Safety Shoes

Why We Love Them...

 Anti-slip, anti-static design adds traction on slippery warehouse floors
 Free of heavier toe caps for an easy to wear, lightweight fit
 Leather design is soft and comfortable, creating the perfect fit
 Dissipates electrostatic charges, reducing risk of spark ignition

Perfect For...

 Daily work in fast-paced environments 
 Indoors and outdoors on slippery or uneven terrain
 Long lasting foot protection, leather construction lasts 

Safety Standards

 EN Standards: O1 (check out our Handy Guide to EN Standards for Footwear to learn more)

Editor's Verdict: The vast majority of warehouses have large, flat floors either made of steel or ceramic: which aren't exactly the best surfaces for avoiding trips and falls. When you're transporting heavy items then, it's paramount to find shoes that eliminate this risk, so you can rest assured you won't break anything (yourself included) while at work! The Portwest FW19 01 Safety Shoes feature a supple leather construction to mould around your foot's unique shape, plus soles with extra traction, for unbeatable grip indoors and out for seamless warehouse transportation.

Best Waterproof Warehouse Toe Cap Shoes

Our Favourite: Portwest FW23 S3 Steelite Kumo Boots

Portwest FW23 S3 Steelite Kumo Water-Resistant Safety Work Boots

Why We Love Them...

 Water-resistant boots prevent water damage in wet warehouses
 200 joule steel toe caps and midsoles prevent impact injuries
 Water resistance protects workers inside and outdoors
 Static, slip, fuel and oil resistance for diverse protection

Perfect For...

 Employees in construction, logistics and warehouse industries
 Protection against water, static, slip, shock, fuel and oil
 Construction, factories, logistics and other hazardous environments

Safety Standards

 EN Standards: S3 (check out our Handy Guide to EN Standards for Footwear to learn more)

Editor's Verdict: The Portwest FW23 S3 Steelite Kumo Boots keep safe and warm in wet and often cold environments that are warehouses, and helps keep feet dry when moving between in and outdoors. Made of soft leather that is naturally water-resistant yet seriously sumptuous on hard-done-by feet, these boots absorb shock and impact, preventing a range of hazards from occurring. We particularly love the dual-density sole unit which enhances stability throughout the rest of the foot, keeping workers agile in the very hands on industry that is warehousing. 


Best Warehouse Toe Cap Shoes for Women

Our Favourite: Portwest Steelite Women's Safety Shoes

Portwest FW41 Steelite Women's Safety Shoes S1 (Black)

Why We Love Them...

 Prevents impact injuries for female warehouse workers
 Steel toe caps prevent damage to the toes 
 Slip, fuel and oil resistant for use in various injuries
 Anti-static design ensures safety when running

Perfect For...

 Women in warehousing, logistics and construction 
 Every day and general fast-paced environments 
 Slippery environments, protects against water and oil

Safety Standards

 EN Standards: S1 (check out our Handy Guide to EN Standards for Footwear to learn more)

Editor's Verdict: Very few workwear shops feature designs for the female foot, compromising many people's comfort (at best) and safety at worst. However, the Portwest Steelite Women's Safety Shoes put women first with a shape specifically for them, ensuring complete comfort while also guaranteeing protection from a range of standard warehouse hazards. With slip, static, fuel and oil resistance (making them ideal for slippery warehouse floors and the common hazards that surround them), these shoes offer the most generic safety solution to women in warehouses!

Best Warehouse Toe Cap Shoes for Men

Winner: Portwest FC61 Compositelite HRO Shoes

Portwest FC61 Compositelite Operis Shoes S3 HRO (Blue)

Why We Love Them...

 Everyday support shoe for men in warehousing and logistics
 Composite toe caps prevent injuries from accidental impact
 Pierce, heat, static, water, shock and slip resistant
 S3 protection levels for resistance against multiple hazards

Perfect For...

 A fashionable alternative to often ugly work shoes
 Comfortable and everyday work shoes for men 
 Use in electrical environments, with an anti-static design

Safety Standards

 EN Standards: S3 (check out our Handy Guide to EN Standards for Footwear to learn more)

Editor's Verdict: The Portwest FC61 Compositelite HRO Shoes is our best safety shoe designed specifically for men across several categories, particularly within the warehousing industries. Made of action nubuck leather which has natural strength with flexibility, these shoes offer breathable support in a job that is often tough and sweaty. With a pierce-resistant midsole, these shoes stop all sharps from puncturing your feet, making these ideal for handling goods with lots of parts or for general use in warehouses that so often have hazardous nails and bolts out and about.

Protection Without Compromise

Working in a warehouse presents a number of challenges, from slips and trips to water damage - making it essential to find the right form of footwear option for you and your workforce. We have a huge range of Work Safety Trainers, Work Safety Boots and Work Safety Shoes designed to put employer's minds at ease by abiding safety regulations, while keeping workers comfy and fashion-conscious. Check out our selection of safety footwear below for even more suggestions.

Work Safety Trainers

Work Safety Boots 

Work Safety Shoes

Do you have a favourite pair of warehouse shoes? Why not let us know in the comments below!