Top 5 Best Summer Work Shorts

24 June 2022

Summer work can be downright brutal, especially if you're not well prepared. Here at, we want our customers to feel comfortable all year round, so we compiled a list of our Top 5 Best Summer Work Shorts to help you beat the heat this summer.

What Will This Article Cover?

This article showcases the very best summer work shorts we have available, made from strong yet breathable materials with functional pocket space for all your on-site needs. We'll take you through five of the best from each of the following categories:

Our #1 Pair of Summer Work Shorts

Winner: DeWalt Hamden Pro-Stretch Cargo Work Shorts

DeWalt Hamden Pro-Stretch Cargo Work Shorts

Made with special "pro-stretch" fabric, the DeWalt Hamden Cargo Work Shorts are a pair of flexible work shorts that work as hard as you do. With twin holster pockets providing plenty of storage room for your work day essentials.

What we love about them:

✔ Blends nylon and elastane for special "pro stretch" comfort
✔ Twin floating holster pockets for storing tools and equipment
✔ Engineered to withstand occupational wear and tear

Our Verdict:

DeWalt are a well-established brand that's recognised for their commitment to quality and performance, and the Hamden Work Shorts are no exception. 

Our Most Durable Pair of Work Shorts

Winner: Apache APKHT Ripstop Holster Pocket Work Shorts

Apache APKHT Ripstop Holster Pocket Work ShortsComfort is important for summer, but you don't want to sacrifice the strength and durability that's needed for trade work. Built with strong ripstop fabric, the Apache Cargo Work Shorts are certified "trade tough".

What we love about them:

✔ Built with Ripstop fabric using special reinforcing techniques
✔ Low rise comfort waist for extra breathing room in the heat
✔ Tool belt loops and cargo pockets for work practicality

Our Verdict:

The crosshatching "ripstop" technique used to make these work shorts is the same used for parachutes and wingsuits, so you know that strength is guaranteed.

Our Most Breathable Pair of Work Shorts

Winner: Portwest S889 Black Action Shorts

Portwest S889 Black Action ShortsOn days where the heat feels too much to bear, a pair of spacious, free-flowing work shorts are the friend you need. Made from exquisite Kingsmill cotton, the Portwest S889 Action Shorts offer unmatched breathability.

What we love about them:

✔ Premium Kingsmill cotton allows warm air to exit through the fabric
✔ Spacious design gives the wearer plenty of "breathing" room
✔ Nine different pockets provide ample storage space 

Our Verdict:

A stylish, lightweight and practical work short with astonishing breathability.

Our Best Hi-Vis Summer Work Shorts

Winner: Portwest PW343 Hi-Vis Orange Holster Shorts

Portwest PW343 hi-Vis Orange Holster ShortsIt's not just darkness that makes you harder to see, blinding sunshine can also make you seem invisible to potential hazards. In bright stand-out florescent orange, the Portwest Hi-Vis Holster Shorts helps you stay comfy and visible.

What we love about them:

✔ Bright orange colour helps you stand out in the day or night
✔ Spacious breathability keeps your legs nice and cool
✔ Nine pockets in total for convenience on site

Our Verdict:

An incredibly comfy pair of shorts that help you stand out in dangerous work zones thanks to the florescent colour that appears to 'glow' in the sunshine.

Our Most Affordable Summer Work Shorts

Winner: Portwest S790 Black Combat Shorts

Portwest S790 Black Combat ShortsIf you're in the market for no-nonsense summer work shorts at an affordable price, the Portwest S790 Black Combat Shorts are a perfect match. These low-cost cargos offer fresh-feeling comfort and feature tough, double-stitched seams.

What we love about them:

✔ Elasticated cotton shorts provide supreme comfort
✔ Reinforced stitching for excellent durability and wear
✔ Low in cost but high in quality

Our Verdict:

Working with a low budget and need something cheap but reliable? The Portwest S790's will set you back less than a tenner, and has all the essential ingredients that make an effective pair of work shorts.

Welcome Warm Weather With Open Arms

A good pair of quality summer work shorts can make the difference between a sweltering day of misery or a glorious day in the sunshine. We hope this article has guided you to the right pair of work shorts to help you enjoy this summer comfortably. 

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