Best Men's Work Jackets 2024

9 August 2023

Choosing the best work jacket for your business is no easy feat - since there are so many to choose from for so many different workforces. In this article, we'll take you through the best options according to yearly seasons, occupational use, hazard protection and design style. No matter where you work or what you're looking for, today's blog on the Best Men's Work Jackets 2024 will have options for everyone - so stay tuned to find the best option for you!

What's Covered In This Guide?

In this blog, we'll cover the following areas:

Best Waterproof Work Jacket

Our Favourite: TuffStuff 295 Sutherland Grey Waterproof Windbreaker

TuffStuff 295 Sutherland Grey Fleece Lined Waterproof Windbreaker

Why We Love It...

 Waterproof windbreaker design is lightweight for portability
 Can be popped over most uniforms for use in all industries
✔ Kangaroo pockets ensure storage for tools and equipment
 Polyurethane coating guarantees 100% waterproof outer layer

Perfect For...

 Cold environments (thermal inner layer traps heat for insulation)
 Very heavy rain, with extreme weather waterproof rating of 3,000mm
 Outdoor workers including farmers, gardeners, labourers and more!

TuffStuff Says: "The 3/4 design totally eliminates the opportunity for water to penetrate underneath clothing, making this a brilliant solution for people working outdoors all year round, or in generally wet conditions. This, combined with the water-pressure resistance up to 3,000mm, makes this a formidable jacket for commercial fishermen particularly - though we'd recommend these to anyone needing slight to the most intense coverage against water damage."

Editor's Verdict: We love how universal the TuffStuff 295 Sutherland Grey Windbreaker is for waterproof protection in most workplaces. With a lightweight construction designed to be popped on effortlessly, this style offers the most intense prevention against extreme temperatures. Of course, the beauty of this design is that while made for extreme weather, it can be worn for miserable English weather through to the most violent monsoon-style storms, for a totally diverse design.

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Best Welding Work Jacket

Our Favourite: Portwest SW34 Leather Welding Jacket

Portwest SW34 Leather Welding Jacket

Why We Love It...

 Class 2 welding jacket for the harshest work environments
 Durable split cowhide is ESD and flame resistant for safety
✔ Para-aramid thread construction provides maximum durability
 Hook and loop cuffs secure the jacket comfortably 

Perfect For...

 Welders and people needing intense heat protection
 Industrial pipeline, military support, nuclear, aerospace welders
 Prevention of electricity build-up, for use with electricals

Portwest Says: "Cowhide leather has a number of fantastic properties, including resistance to abrasion, sparks and spitting of molten metal and flames. This makes it the perfect material for use in welding environments, plus, being a natural material, it is extremely comfortable to wear and doesn't eat into business budgets. This jacket is therefore a brilliant option for various professionals looking for safety in a range of dangerous environments needing protection from unpredictable forces."

Editor's Verdict: We love the simplistic nature of this work jacket, which relies on its unbeatably strong construction alone for unparalleled protection against the most dangerous hazards. Featuring two internal pockets for easy storage of tools, the Portwest SW34 Jacket combines intuitive design with the best materials earth has to offer.

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Best Heated Work Jacket

Our Favourite: Portwest S547 Electric Heated Jacket

 Portwest S547 Electric Heated Jacket

Why We Love It...

 Electrically heated thermal jacket generates extreme heat
 Waterproof design means it can be worn outside in winter
✔ Offers safety and warmth to a variety of industry workers
 Insulatex lining traps warmth for up to ten hours of warmth 

Perfect For...

 People working in cold climates and chilly workspaces
 Perfect for farmers, warehousing experts and construction workers
 Prevention of electricity build-up, for use with electricals

Portwest Says: "This jacket uses premium quality materials for unbeatable warmth, meaning it can stay lightweight while keeping you toasty. Combining robust carbon fibre heated panels with patented InsulatexPro lining, this battery operated jacket offers up to 10 hours of heat generation, for extensive insulation all day at work. We've also thought of the little details too, including heat sealed seams for resistance against water and wind, plus a chin guard with internal storm flap for additional safety in storm season!"

Editor's Verdict: A lot of jackets do a great job of keeping you warm - but what if you need a jacket to generate heat from the inside out? The Portwest S547 Electric Heated Jacket is the optimal solution for people predominantly working in chilled or frozen spaces such as freezing warehouses, cold storage management, and just about anywhere outside in the height of the winter months. Waterproof and extremely breathable, this jacket doesn't feel stuffy as one might expect: making it the perfect lightweight choice for unstoppable on the go warmth.


Best Winter Work Jackets

Our Favourite: Portwest S553 Radial 3 in 1 Stormproof Jacket

Portwest S553 Radial 3 in 1 Stormproof Jacket

Why We Love It...

 Protects against diverse, extremely cold weather conditions
 Water, wind, cold and storm proof jacket 
✔ Inner fleece is removable for wear on its own 
 Can be worn by a huge variety of industry workers

Perfect For...

 Indoor work, such as lorry driving, cold storage, transport
 Outdoor work, such as agriculture, building and construction
 Bespoke wear: can be worn as is, without the fleece, or as a fleece

Our Supplier Says: "We find this is a great option for people dealing with unpredictable weather conditions, meaning our buyers are typically outdoor workers, or people who operate both indoors and outdoors all year round. This design does well due to its versatility: not only can you wear it three different ways, it also protects against a huge variety of winter (or just cold) weather conditions: making it an option that gives you some serious bang for your buck!"

Editor's Verdict: Winter work jackets don't just need to be warm: they need to account for the unpredictability of British winter, making the Portwest S553 Radial 3 in 1 Stormproof Jacket your best bet. Designed with specific features for each weather hazard, this piece considers every possible issue workers might experience, and offers them a solution. From the storm flap to the hydrophobic, eco-conscious finish, this jacket offers protection come rain or shine.

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Best Hi-Vis Work Jackets

Our Favourite: Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis Work Jacket T500

Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis Work Jacket T500

Why We Love It...

 Ensures high visibility while repelling oil, water and grime
 Adds warmth and protection to outdoor workers
✔ Can be worn year-round, with a light yet thermal design
 UPF rated fabric blocks 98% of rays, reducing glare

Perfect For...

 Warehouses, forklift operation spaces, on construction sites
 Visibility in hard to see areas, dark environments, or at night
 Warmth when working outside at night or in the early morning

Our Supplier Says: "This jacket is a staple for anyone wanting a standard hi-vis design in a refined, super comfortable jacket form. We use Texpel stain resistant finish to protect the material from stains caused by oils and other substances, helping you to stay safe and look fresh whilst at work. Then, to keep you comfy, we added details like the 4 pockets for storage, radio loops, a side elasticated waist for a custom fit, plus hook and loop cuffs for a design that enhances both safety and warmth."

Editor's Verdict: Hi-vis jackets aren't always the best quality, since they tend to be in a bib form for use by anyone: meaning they end up looking tattered and have to be thrown away pretty quickly. However, the Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis Work Jacket T500 offers a stylish solution that repels common workplace tarnishes, keeping your workforce feeling comfortable, warm, all while looking fantastic too. With an array of pockets suitable for holding equipment, twin stitched seams for enhanced durability and elasticated cuffs and sides for a design to fit everyone, this jacket offers the best quality hi-vis solution out there.

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Best Work Fleece Jacket

Our Favourite: Portwest F205 Men's Aran Fleece Jacket

Blaklader Workwear Softshell Jacket (Black/Dark Grey)

Why We Love It...

 Middleweight design is perfect for wear all year at work
 Keeps workers warm up to -5°C, blocks 98% UV rays
✔ Anti-pilling construction maintains professionalism
 Generous fit allows wearer to move freely for active jobs

Perfect For...

 Everyday workwear for added warmth without being restrictive
 Companies wanting a standard fleece which can be customised
 Comfortable protection across a variety of industries

Our Supplier Says: "This is one of our bestsellers due to the universal style it has - it's perfect for everyday wear, and more industry experts across a range of jobs. Being of minimalistic style, this fleece looks smart but not overly professional, meaning it can be comfortably worn while commuting to and from work."

Editor's Verdict: We know how hard it can be to find fleeces that don't pill and wear down into an unprofessional looking mess. However, this middleweight, anti-pilling fabric keeps workers warm from up to -5°C for a classic design for wear most days of the year. With a loose construction with elasticated cuffs and a drawstring bottom, the Portwest F205 Men's Aran Fleece Jacket allows wearers to customise their fit according to their needs, for a wardrobe staple for both pros and laymen!

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Best Summer Work Jacket

Our Favourite: Portwest PW3 Lightweight Urban Work Jacket T603

Portwest PW3 Lightweight Urban Work Jacket

Why We Love It...

 Provides light coverage and warmth for hotter seasons
 Polycotton construction is breathable and flexible 
Subtle reflective trim detail for night time visibility
 Multiple pockets for storing plenty of work tools

Perfect For...

 Light coverage and protection for spring and summer
 Everyday wear for workers operating outdoors
 Physical labourers who get sweaty and hot when working

Our Supplier Says: "Not all work jackets should be incredibly insulated, since we might only need light coverage of the arms and torso in hotter months. This jacket is perfect for people wanting something as it gets chillier in the evenings in spring and summer, and it's also great for people who tend to work physically demanding jobs where they get very hot anyway. The polycotton construction keeps employees cool in hot temperatures while still providing ample protection against sunburn and other low-level workplace hazards." 

Editor's Verdict: It's important to have a top quality workplace jacket for warmer months, since they provide protection against harmful UV rays and prevent scratches and bruises from happening at work. The Portwest PW3 Lightweight Urban Work Jacket T603 offers the perfect solution to windy weather and cold gusts of wind in warmer months, and also keeps workers equipped with the necessary tools with several handy pockets. Perfect for wear in a variety of environments, such as on site, in a warehouse, or while working outdoors in physically demanding jobs, this jacket keeps you light on your feet at the perfect temperature.

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Best Lightweight Work Jacket

Our Favourite: TuffStuff 273 Hatton Black Thermal Hooded Winter Work Jacket 

Blaklader Workwear Softshell Jacket (Black/Dark Grey)

Why We Love It...

 Design takes up little space while keeping users warm
 Lightweight design can be easily worn and transported 
✔ Softshell panels prevent penetration by rain, hail and sleet
 Can be worn in wet, windy conditions for a variety of uses

Perfect For...

 Casual everyday and formal workwear, with a stylish design
 A slim-fitting jacket that doesn't feel bulky or heavy
 People working outdoors or in wet, windy conditions

Our Supplier Says: "This jacket keeps you comfortable in cold, rainy conditions in two different ways: firstly, the softshell panelling features a minimal surface area for water to cling to, making it powerfully water repellent. Secondly, the inner thermal lining features ultra-dense fibres which absorb and trap air, holding it close to the body for an additional layer of warmth. This sophisticated design is a brilliant option for people wanting a classic style jacket that looks appropriate in most work environments."

Editor's Verdict: When you're working outside, the last thing you want is to get wet and feel cold. At the same time, many waterproof jackets are heavy, long, or overly padded, making them difficult to work in in more laborious jobs. The TuffStuff 273 Hatton Black Thermal Hooded Winter Work Jacket offers a happy medium between a jacket that keeps you warm and safe, while remaining flexible so you can get on with your job in the least restrictive way possible. 

Best Construction Work Jackets

Our Favourite: Blaklader Workwear Softshell Jacket (Black/Dark Grey)

Blaklader Workwear Softshell Jacket (Black/Dark Grey)

Why We Love It...

 Lightweight, breathable design is ideal for construction work
 Adjustable options increase comfort and allow for movement
✔ Water and wind resistance for protection in extreme weather
 Fleece lined collar keeps neck vulnerable to weather, warm

Perfect For...

 Builders, construction, agriculture, engineering, warehousing
 Anyone needing warmth with flexibility for physical jobs
 People needing quick, easy access to their tools and equipment

Our Supplier Says: "This jacket was made for people needing maximum movement, since too often work jackets are restrictive, which is incredibly annoying if you work as a labourer or generally active person! Featuring several pockets for convenience, this jacket allows you to continue working in wet, windy weather in the most comfortable way possible."

Editor's Verdict: Construction workers need lightweight protection from the elements: but it's essential that they can also stay agile and equipped while on the job. The Blaklader Workwear Softshell Jacket (Black/Dark Grey) keeps employees warm against the elements with an adjustable design. Featuring ergonomic features including pre-bent elbows and adjustable hems and sleeve ends, this jacket keeps cold temperatures out without being cumbersome or awkward.

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Best Work Vest Jackets

Our Favourite: Snickers AllRoundWork 37.5 Insulator Vest 4512

 Snickers AllRoundWork 37.5 Insulator Vest 4512

Why We Love It...

 Insulating mid-layer or top-layer vest traps warmth 
 Stretch material is flexible and non-restrictive
✔ 37.5 Insulation keeps body at ideal body temperature 
 Side panels prevent overheating but prevent cold air

Perfect For...

 Warmth that doesn't compromise arm or lower body movement
 Just about any industry, since it can be worn as a base layer
 Buildable warmth, can be worn alongside more thermal clothing

Our Supplier Says: "The best way to gain maximum warmth is layers, which is why this insulator vest is so brilliant. Designed to be a base layer (although it can be worn as is with a simple shirt or t-shirt underneath), this vest jacket keeps employees warm without compromising their arm movement. This is particularly essential for people working in physical jobs like warehousing and construction who need plenty of warmth, since they work outside all year round, but who need complete flexibility - so this is a brilliant option for these works and just about anyone else also needing unrestrictive movement!"

Editor's Verdict: Designed for just about any season, the Snickers AllRoundWork 37.5 Insulator Vest 4512 offers warmth all year round. Ideal for use as a base layer, but perfect for wear as a top layer in warmer months, this vest keeps workers at the optimal human temperature of 37.5°C. At the same time, the armless design and side panel trap warm air in and keep cold air out, regulating blood temperature to prevent overheating. 

Best Work Jackets for Daily Use

Our Favourite: Delta Plus Horten2 Black and Camo Thermal Waterproof Softshell Jacket

Delta Plus HORTEN2 Black and Camo Thermal Waterproof Softshell Jacket

Why We Love It...

 Casual, stylish design is ideal for everyday use
 Three laminated layers prevent cold and water penetration
✔ Perfect for all-season, low-risk outdoor wear
 Hooded design with four pockets is relaxed yet handy

Perfect For...

 Low-risk rating is ideal for lightweight daily use
 Wear outdoors in cold, warm, wet, dry, windy, stormy weather
 Construction, utilities, mechanics, engineering, delivery 

Our Supplier Says: "Perfect for outdoor work, this softshell jacket offers protection from the rain and cold in the most lightweight and stylish way possible. Considerably more casual than our other products, this jacket protects you from several weather types without feeling heavy or cumbersome. Featuring elastane and polyester for longevity, this design prevents heat loss, water and wind penetration for style and safety in even extreme circumstances."

Editor's Verdict: Most work clothing is quite obviously work clothing: and while this isn't a bad thing necessarily, many of us just want super casual protection from the elements. The Delta Plus Horten2 Black and Camo Thermal Waterproof Softshell Jacket is workwear that is smart, but doesn't look like workwear, and having a design as casual as this as part of your uniform significantly increases your workforce's compliance. Perfect for most weather conditions and most industry professionals, this jacket offers the greatest range of use for the greatest range of professionals.

Unbeatable Protection for All Workforces

From welding jackets to jackets for daily use, we have designs to suit all industries and stylistic preferences! We hope today's blog helped you to find the perfect work jacket for your workforce - if not, why not check out some of the below Work Jackets categories for even more options? 

Do you have a favourite work jacket? Why not let us know in the comments below!