Best Winter Work Jackets 2022

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Here at, we sell plenty of winter work jackets that are perfect for the change in seasons. Waterproof, thermal, hi-vis and comfortable, our range stretches from bright hi-vis parkas to thick insulating vests. This short guide gives you a brief introduction to our range, helping you prepare for the winter ahead.

Welcome to our range of jackets for winter
Welcome to our range of jackets for winter

Find Your Ideal Thermal Jacket

We sell a wide range of winter jackets, so it can be difficult finding the right one for you. We've narrowed down our list to cover just a few areas, so if you see an area below that suits you, click on it and head on straight on down. If not, scroll downwards and view all of our jackets in full:

Best All-Round Hi-Vis Winter Jacket

Winner: Portwest T400 PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket

Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket T400

Why We Love It...

 High visibility colouring and suitable for wet, windy and cold weather
 Stain-resistant finish for use in dirty conditions
 Includes four pockets and a special mobile pocket
 Quilt lined for superb levels of comfort

Perfect For...

 Use in wet, windy and cold weather
 General outdoor work
 Use in dirty conditions

Editor's Verdict: The Portwest T400 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket is one of our most popular work jackets, with a warm quilt lining supported by an aesthetically pleasing hi-vis lining that is suitable for darker weather. It features all the things that you need for a day at work, including a stain-resistant finish, four pockets and a mobile phone pocket.

Available Colours: High visibility orange and black / high visibility yellow and black

Best Softshell Winter Work Jacket

Winner: Portwest TK50 TK2 Softshell Jacket

Portwest TK50 TK2 Softshell Jacket (3 Layers)

Why We Love It...

 Lightweight stretchy fabric for freedom of movement
 Micro polar fleece keeps you nice and warm in chilly weather
 Windproof and water-resistant for harsher weather
 Includes six utility pockets for storage including a phone pocket

Perfect For...

 Use in chilly but not freezing conditions
 Water-resistant for wetter conditions
 Lower risk work such as warehousing

Editor's Verdict: The Portwest TK50 TK2 Softshell Jacket is a simple, lightweight, water-resistant jacket which fits loosely and comfortably around the shoulders. While you don't want to use the jacket in the middle of winter, the soft polar fleece will keep you warm on a chilly spring morning.

Available Colours: Black, grey, navy

Best Lightweight Winter Rain Jacket

Winner: Portwest S440 Classic Rain Jacket

Portwest S440 Classic Rain Jacket

Why We Love It...

 Waterproof jacket with a pack away hood
 Certified for use in the wettest of weather
 Texpel finish prevents stains during use
 Vented back yoke prevents overheating

Perfect For...

 Use in damp and wet weather
 Warmer conditions due to lack of thermal interior
 General outdoor use outdoors

Editor's View: The Portwest S440 Classic Rain Jacket is best suited to extremely damp working conditions, with the certified waterproof design protecting you even in a torrential downpour. The jacket features a simple pack away hood that can be tucked away during dryer weather.

Available Colours: Black, grey, navy, green, orange, yellow

Best Full Body Winter Rainwear

Winner: Supertouch PVC Hi-Vis Rainwear

Supertouch Polyester/PVC Hi-Vis Rainwear

Why We Love It...

 Full body two piece including waterproof jacket and elasticated trousers
 Affordable price keeps you dry for less money
 Lightweight water-resistant fabric for wet weather
 Concealed hood completes protection from the elements

Perfect For...

 Use in extremely wet weather
 Use in oily and greasy environments
 Use in dark and night working conditions

Editor's Verdict: The Supertouch Polyester/PVC Hi-Vis Rainwear includes a waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers, allowing the wearer to stay dry for less of the price. Coming in high visibility, this reflective set is perfect for darker working conditions outdoors.

Available Colours: Yellow, orange, navy

Best Winter Work Parka

Winner: Supertouch Hi-Vis Two Tone Parka

Supertouch Hi-Vis Two Tone Parka

Why We Love It...

 High visibility 300D Oxford fabric lined parka
 Offers superb warmth even in the coldest of conditions
 Zipped access print offers easy company branding
 Provides class two protection against the rain and wet weather

Perfect For...

 Use in dark working conditions
 Use in cold working conditions
 Use in wet and windy working conditions

Editor's Verdict: The Supertouch Hi-Vis Two Tone Parka offer class 2 protection against the rain, while the 300D Oxford fabric can keep the wearer warm in the coldest of conditions. The parka is supplied in two colours, and the breathable design can prevent overheating.

Available Colours: Hi-vis orange, hi-vis yellow

Best Winter Work Sweatshirt

Winner: Portwest B300 Classic Navy Sweatshirt

Portwest B300 Classic Navy Sweatshirt

Why We Love It...

 Ideal sweatshirt for cold winter weather
 Suitable for wearing underneath a work jacket
 Twin stitched seams offer a good level of durability
 Relaxed fit offers a good level of comfort

Perfect For...

 Use both outdoors and indoors in chilly conditions
 Ideal for warehousing or even corporate work
 Can be worn as an extra layer underneath a thermal jacket 

Editor's Verdict: The Portwest B300 Classic Navy Sweatshirt is a comfortable sweatshirt that can be worn underneath a thermal jacket, offering an extra layer of warmth on the coldest of days. The sweatshirt is smart too, and can be used inside, outside and even in corporate environments.

Best Winter Work Bomber Jacket

Winner: Supertouch Hi-Vis Breathable 2-in-1 Bomber Jacket

Supertouch Hi-Vis Breathable 2-in-1 Bomber Jacket

Why We Love It...

 Includes a detachable Sherpa lining for different conditions
 Features 300D Oxford fabric with a PU coating
 Plenty of pockets for storing phones, pens and more
 Polyester mesh lining prevents overheating

Perfect For...

 For using in damp and wet weather
 Protecting against the cold and the wet
 Remove Sherpa lining for warmer but wet conditions 

Editor's Verdict: The Supertouch Hi-Vis Breathable 2-in-1 Bomber Jacket is the perfect jacket for all weather conditions, featuring a removable Sherpa lining that lets you use the jacket in wet, cold and warmer weather. The jacket is ideal for work with a comfortable mesh lining, and features many pockets for storing equipment.

Available Colours: Hi-vis yellow, hi-vis orange

Comfort and Style This Winter

Our range of work jackets allows you to approach winter with a focus on comfort and style, with warmth, water protection and wind protection guaranteed. If you want to find out more about our range of work jackets, check out some of the following categories:

If you have any questions on our work jackets or anything to add, then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below!