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Best Work Boots For Winter 2024

2 November 2023

With the arrival of winter comes a whole range of new workplace risks and hazards to consider, from surfaces becoming slippery or wet to the cold weather causing your extremities to freeze. Make sure you're prepared for everything the season brings with a pair of workplace safety boots designed to protect against both the harsher climate and your regular workplace safety risks.

Every worker has their own distinct health and safety considerations, from protecting against contact with hazardous chemicals to more mechanical risks when working with machinery. With so many boot styles available, choosing one to suit your needs is overwhelming. This list of the Best Work Boots For Winter 2024 offers a handy way to narrow down your options to find the best boots for your specific needs, with recommendations for some of our most popular protective footwear and accessories!

What's Included?

Boots By Protection

Waterproof Winter Work Boots

Our Choice: Portwest FW84 S4 Food Industry White Safety Wellington Boots

white wellington boots with a black label on the sideKey Features and Benefits

Designed to protect against water absorption and water penetration
Compliant with food-industry hygiene standards for safe work around foodstuffs
Slip-resistant and steel-toe-capped design helps to protect against injury
Reinforced ankle protection and energy-absorbing seat region enhance stability and comfort

Ideal For

Keeping feet clean, dry, and secure in wet and greasy environments
✓ Reducing the risk of slippage and accidents

Not the Best For

Providing high levels of insulation (see our solution)

Thermal Winter Work Boots

Our Choice: Ejendals Jalas 1989W Winter King S3 Cold Weather Protective High Cut Thermal Boots

pair of black boots with yellow stitching

Key Features and Benefits

 Thermo-insulation traps help to retain the body's heat on colder days
 Aluminium toe-cap design helps to minimise the risk of injury
 Premium-quality leather construction offers barrier against liquid and moisture penetration
 Seams reinforced with Kevlar threads at stress-points to optimise boot durability

Ideal For

 Ensuring feet remain warm in colder environments
A classic design offering long-term protection

Not the Best For

Especially slippery environments (see our solution)

Anti-Slip Work Boots For Winter

Our Choice: Portwest FD04 Apex Composite Mid-Height Safety Boots S3S HRO SR (Wheat)

single lace-up boot in a beige shade

Key Features and Benefits

 Slip-resistant outsole enhances safety by helping to prevent accidents
 Designed for optimal comfort, with an energy-absorbing seat region to minimise muscle fatigue
 Includes a pierce-resistant midsole
 Lightweight toe-cap protection withstands 200 joules, without causing foot fatigue

Ideal For

 Staying stable and upright in slippery or wet environments
Comfortable and energy-absorbing design for minimising foot fatigue

Not the Best For

Full ankle and lower limb coverage (see our solution)

Alternative Choice: The Portwest FC94 Non-Slip Ice Grabbers are a fantastic alternative to anti-slip shoes, and are designed to fit over your regular work boots for enhanced grip on icy and slippery surfaces.

Winter Work Boots For Welders (Heat-Resistant)

Our Choice: Portwest FD01 Compositelite Traction 10 Inch (25cm) Safety Boots S3 HRO CI WR (Black)

tall lace-up black boot with blue liner

Key Features and Benefits

 Heat-resistant outsole protects against up to 300ºC heat
 Slip-resistant sole helps to prevent accidents on ceramic and steel surfaces
 Provides ankle support to enhance balance and stability
 Insulates against the cold to keep your feet warm in chillier settings
 Water-resistant construction helps to keep feet dry

Ideal For

 Working in hot environments or with hot materials
Protecting feet from mechanical hazards like punctures, static shock, and slipping

Not the Best For

✗ Quick donning and removal (see our solution)

Boots By Style

Wellington Boots For Winter

Our Choice: Portwest FW95 Total Safety Wellington Boots S5 (Black)

black wellington boot with pull-on tabs

Key Features and Benefits

 Wellington-boot design is perfect for muddy or wet outdoor settings
 Anti-static and slip-resistant design for optimal protection
 Fully waterproof construction keeps your feet dry in harsh weather or wet working environments
 Reinforced ankle protection enhances overall stability for reduced risk of injury

Ideal For

 Keeping feet warm and dry when working outdoors
Quick and easy donning 

Not the Best For

Providing high levels of insulation (see our solution) 

Steel-Toe Winter Work Boots

Our Choice: Apache SS812SM Waterproof Safety Hiking Boots (Black)

short black lace-up boot with yellow labels

Key Features and Benefits

 Steel toe capped design offers compression resistance for enhanced safety when working with heavy equipment and machinery
 Padded collar and tongue offer enhanced comfort
 Water resistant design helps to keep your feet clean and dry
 Features a pierce- and slip-resistant design to minimise the risk of injury

Ideal For

 Working with heavy equipment and machinery, especially when lifting or handling materials
Versatile protection suitable for a range of industries

Not the Best For

People with chronic foot pains (see our solution)

Slip-On Winter Work Boots

Our Choice: Portwest FV02 Rafter Dealer Work Safety Boots S7 SR SC FO (Black/Grey)

plain black boot with reflective strip

Key Features and Benefits

 Easy-to-don pair of protective boots, with tabs to aid slip-on design
 Anti-static design reduces the risk of static shock when working with electrical components
 Reflective panel included for improved wearer visibility in dim environments
 Energy-absorbing seat region and ankle-supporting design reduce fatigue

Ideal For

 Tasks where boots need to be donned and removed quickly
Enhancing safety in environments with low lighting 

Not the Best For

 Sore feet caused by strain or weak arches (see our solution)  

Orthopaedic Winter Work Boots

Our Choice: Portwest Base B0958 Matar Top S3 ESD SRC Water-Resistant Anti-Static Metal-Free Safety Boots

short black lace-up boot

Key Features and Benefits

 Designed to accommodate orthopaedic insoles for enhancing comfort
 Slip-resistant construction helps to prevent slipping and accidents
 Chemical resistant outsole for basic protection against a selection of hazardous substances
 Includes an Antifatigue Air Tech sole and SlimCap toe-cap for protection

Ideal For

 Managing foot pains and fatigue
Comfortable use with orthopaedic insoles 

Not the Best For

✗ Keeping feet completely dry in harsh weather conditions (see our solution)

Whether you're looking for a basic pair of safety boots to protect against cold and wet conditions, or a more versatile footwear option to protect against a range of mechanical hazards and injuries, there's sure to be a quality pair of winter boots for you!

If you're not sure if any of these boots are for you, explore our full range of Work Safety Boots to discover more great options.

Have any questions about winter work boots, protective accessories, or just have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!